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PHOTOS Pornhub trolls Kylie Jenner (again) following topless Tyga birthday pic, racy lingerie shots

The Pornhub Kylie Jenner connection is strong, thanks to the porn producers’ latest attempt at getting Kylie to appear in one of their films. The company made headlines last year after dropping a $10 million offer Kylie’s way the minute she turned eighteen; now, in the wake of her eye-opening public birthday gift to Tyga, and the amped-up publicity for her own lingerie and swimsuit lines, Pornhub is trying again.

Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis has the porn industry in a panic

Bree Olson
Posh Boutique Nightclub and Crazy Horse III host 'Goddess White Party' with Playboy Covergirl Bree Olson at Crazy Horse III Playground
Las Vegas, Nevada - 12.11.11

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When: 12 Nov 2011
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The “Charlie Sheen porn stars” debacle is reaching critical mass. The porn industry is in a panic in the wake of Sheen’s HIV revelation, with many current and former stars both berating the Two And A Half Men and Anger Management actor for not coming clean with them–and wondering whether they might have exposed themselves to the disease by dating him.

What is revenge porn? Is it legal?

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What is revenge porn? Is it legal? A recent rash of revenge porn outbreaks has led major social networking sites such as Twitter and Reddit to ban the controversial practice. But what exactly is revenge porn? How much of it is genuine? And what are the legal ramifications of sharing it?