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Bill Cosby GMA Interview

VIDEO President Obama offers sharp rebuke to Bill Cosby, comments on revoking the Medal of Freedom

President Obama commented both directly and indirectly on the Bill Cosby controversy when he answered a question about revoking Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom. No such award has ever been taken back. Obama gave a general answer about the Medal, and a blunt one about the behavior of which Cosby has been accused. Read on to see the video.


PHOTOS White House’s “Year In Photos” features Barack, babies, beauty, Bill Murray

Tiny WH

White House photographer Pete Souza has released the annual “Year In Photos” recap, and it’s full of some of the most beautiful images you’ll see in 2015. Come check out the First Family hamming it up with babies, dogs, a host of celebrities, and well-framed House of Cards reference.