Diner owner glad she shouted at crying toddler


Darla Neugebauer, owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, Maine, stirred up a hornet’s nest after news of her yelling at a screaming toddler went viral. A ton of folks are appalled by her behavior while a seemingly equal amount support her for doing what she did to get the child to be quiet. See an interview with Darla, hear what the child’s mom had to say and then let us know what you think.

Dad’s dying wish astounds as thrice-shot mom saves two of their kids


Mother-of-three Erin Stoffel managed to escort her 5-year-old daughter, Selah, and 7-year-old Son, Ezra, off of a scenic pedestrian bridge in Menah, Wisconsin after a gunman opened fire Sunday. Stoffel then sent Ezra to get help amid the gunfire.  She managed all of this after being shot three times. In the hail of bullets her husband Jon and 11-year-old daughter Olivia died. Find out how the mom, who is being labeled a hero, is doing and learn of the incredible last words her husband spoke to her.