Georgia mom completes college exam while in labor


When you finish an online test for your college psychology course while in labor, you have officially earned Starcasm’s #WCW! Find out the story behind a viral photo of a Georgia mom who would not allow herself to fail an exam, even if that meant taking the exam while having a baby.

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Parents reunited with swapped baby name him Moses

Mercedes “Mercy” Casanellas and Richard Cushworth were reunited with their biological child after three months of not knowing where he was. When DNA tests revealed that son Jacob, born in El Salvador, was not related to them, the couple worried that their biological baby had been swapped and sold to child traffickers. Now, they are citing the harrowing episode as a “mix-up” at the hospital.

US couple says their baby was swapped and sold in El Salvador

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UPDATE! Mercedes and Richard were reunited with their baby, named him Moses This May, Dallas residents Richard Cushworth and Mercedes Casanellas traveled to El edalvador so Mercedes could give birth in their home country. A few months later, DNA testing revealed the baby they brought home isn’t theirs. The couple became suspicious when their new […]

Why were Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner visiting a marriage counselor?

ben affleck and jennifer garner visit marriage counselor

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced that their ten year marriage was over in June. But just this week they were stopped leaving the offices of the marriage counselor they had meeting with while they were trying to work things out. Neither one was wearing their wedding ring, but they were all smiles as Jen walked Ben to his car.  Does this mean there’s a reunion in the works?