Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire are ‘better,’ but another custody battle looms

Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire, the father of her 30-month-old son Harper, are in a “better place” than they’ve ever been. But Shane ‘s new petition asking for more parenting time and accusing Nicole of deliberately dragging out Shane’s breastfeeding threatens to reopen old wounds…

Does Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict really do her own work?

Rehab Addict‘s Nicole Curtis has been a full-time professional for over half her life, but still has to deal–on a daily basis–with the public perception that she doesn’t *really* do the work involved in renovating and restoring the old houses featured on her show. We thought we’d help combat that perception with some fun videos of Nicole working overtime behind the scenes–and doing a lot of things that most reality TV stars wouldn’t think of.

PHOTOS Nicole Curtis and family prep an intensely personal new season of Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis’ long-awaited return to TV is almost over. The Rehab Addict star, whose triumphant march through 2017 has been well-documented by us and well-noted by fans, is set to debut Rehab Addict Season 8 on October 4th. The nearly two-year hiatus seems to have given both Nicole Curtis and family a chance to reflect […]

Nicole Curtis takes dead aim at haters, shares Rehab Addict Season 8 news in latest update

Rehab Addict‘s Nicole Curtis is continuing to leave a difficult 2016 well behind her with a steadfast march through 2017. For one thing, she confirmed a brand-new season of Rehab Addict this past winter, and has been filming new episodes for months. For another, she’s become known for a string of ever-more-poignant meditations on her […]

Nicole Curtis bikini photos & throwback pics reflect new outlook for the Rehab Addict star

Rehab Addict fans have watched star Nicole Curtis become more and more heartfelt and expressive over the past few months, as she continues to put a difficult 2016 behind her. Back in January, Nicole dispelled rumors that Rehab Addict had been canceled by announcing that filming for Season 8 was about to commence. A few […]

Nicole Curtis talks ‘the most important thing’ in her life as she preps a new season of Rehab Addict

2016 was an extraordinarily trying year for Nicole Curtis. The Rehab Addict star was involved in a lengthy and unpleasant custody battle with the father of her youngest child, one result of which was that Nicole Curtis’ son Harper was exposed to the public for the first time despite his mother’s fierce guarding of his […]