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When is Pokemon Go Generation 2 being released? Leaked Starbucks email suggests early December!


The makers of Pokémon Go may soon be making it harder for players to “catch ’em all” as a leaked corporate partnership email from Starbucks hints there will be 100 more Pokémon to catch in less than two weeks! Keep reading to see the email and find out when it suggests Generation 2 will be introduced to the game!


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Chrissy Teigen's Vagina 1

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Shannen Doherty Heathers movie

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JEZEBELShannen Doherty Joins Heathers TV Reboot

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Trump's Big Red Dildo

THE SUPERFICIAL – Michael Shannon: Trump Voters Are A ‘Big Red Dildo’ That F*cked Us All

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Ramona Singer funny face

REALITY TEARamona Singer Reportedly Kicked Out Of A Private Event; Shades Her Ex Mario On Instagram

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