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JEZEBELZac Efron and MTV to Explore New Concept of Young People Eating

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Veterinarian fights to keep license after bow and arrow cat kill Facebook brag


In 2015, Kristen Lindsey killed what she believed to be a feral cat and bragged about doing so on Facebook with a gruesome image of the animal impaled in the head. She’s seen holding its lifeless body aloft as it dangled from the arrow. She captioned the image, “My first bow kill lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head! Vet of the year award gladly accepted.” She’s currently fighting to keep from having her license revoked.

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Kim Kardashian boobs

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REALITY TEAPHOTOS Kim Kardashian Lets It All Hang Out In Miami

DLISTEDThe Huntsman: Winter’s War is a flop

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MTV Cribs is coming back!


MTV Cribs ran for 17 seasons and featured more than 185 musicians, athletes, and actors  — from Mariah Carey famously stripping down to show off her hot tub to 50 Cent’s gigantic shoe room — taking viewers on a tour of their cribs. And, now, fans of celebrity digs docs have reason to rejoice, because MTV has just announced Cribs will be returning — and we already know the first three stars to be featured!


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REALITY TEAScheana Marie Sued For Excessive Pot Parties? Tom Schwartz Defends Her

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JEZEBELThis Woman Pet a Wild Bison, and Her Name Is No

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