Morning Starbuzz — March 18, 2015


The Blemish – James Bond’s Spectre teaser poster feels like a Gap ad with guns

DListed – Katy Perry has moved on from John Mayer to the banjo player from Mumford & Sons

Necole Bitchie – Terrence Howard supports the use of the N-word on Empire: “My white friends use it”

Pajiba – Donkey Kong and Pac Man attack Earth in Pixels, the first interesting Adam Sandler movie in over a decade

Celebitchy – Stephen Sondheim: Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance was “a travesty, ridiculous”

Reality Tea – Natalie Guercio denies being fired from Mob Wives, but the entire cast wants her and Natalie DiDonato gone!

Hello Giggles – Allowance 2.0: Now your parents can prepay your in-app purchases with Oink

Jezebel – “Straight James Franco” interviews “Gay James Franco”

Mystery dad birth announcement

Manly Hollywood hunk shares precious baby announcement

One of Hollywood’s most macho leading men showed his softer side earlier today when he shared a touching announcement for the birth of his third child on Facebook that included a photo and the following lyrics from Louis Armstrong’s song “What a Wonderful World”:

I hear babies crying,
I watch them grow.
They’ll learn much more,
Than I’ll ever know.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world…

Can you guess the proud pop? HINTS: His birth name is Mark, he has a twin brother, and he first got national exposure as an actor after his appearance in an Oscar-winning film directed by Steven Spielberg in 1998.

Morning Starbuzz — March 16, 2015


Hello Giggles – The real Up house might be torn down

DListed – Tyga pretty much confirmed that he’s doing the backup Jenner girl

Reality Tea – Reality Wrap: What you missed in photos, recaps, and reality TV gossip!

Jezebel – These questions will help you stop judging pregnant women at work

Grantland – Overkill: The return of Liam Neeson and Cinderella

Celebitchy – Kanye West: Buying an expensive jacket is like “getting a prostitute pregnant”

The Blemish – Obama read mean tweets but he didn’t read the really mean ones

Necole Bitchie – Amber Rose to host a “S|utWalk” to empower women

PajibaThe Crow remake casts Jack Huston as Eric Draven