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Pokemon Go babies Generation 2

Pokemon Go babies: Egg hatching guide, buddy distances, and more!

Yesterday the makers of Pokémon Go announced the introduction of Generation 2 Pokémon babies, revealing that trainers must hatch the new awwwwwdditions from eggs. The announcement left folks with a lot of questions, so we tried to answer pretty much all of them — including a handy dandy chart showing you exactly which baby Pokémon come from what kind of egg!

Starbucks Pokemon Go promotion CONFIRMED! Is Gen 2 coming Dec 8?


If you’re one of the millions of folks trying to “catch ’em all” with the record-breaking geolocation mobile app Pokemon Go, then your task may soon be getting more difficult as a new “leaked” corporate Starbucks photo appears to verify earlier evidence that the coffee company is partnering with Pokemon Go creator Niantic Labs to promote the introduction of new Pokemon to the game later this week!

When is Pokemon Go Generation 2 being released? Leaked Starbucks email suggests early December!


The makers of Pokémon Go may soon be making it harder for players to “catch ’em all” as a leaked corporate partnership email from Starbucks hints there will be 100 more Pokémon to catch in less than two weeks! Keep reading to see the email and find out when it suggests Generation 2 will be introduced to the game!


Girls Instagram world cruise, get caught smuggling cocaine worth millions

Candaian cocaine cruise girls arrested in Australia Instagram photos

In what could easily be the script for a new Netflix series titled YOLO Is The New Black, two young women documented their lavish 68-day world cruise on Instagram with a series of fun photos from exotic locations in Europe, North America, Central America, South America, and French Polynesia — all before being busted by Australian Border Force with more than $23 million dollars worth of cocaine in their suitcases. Keep reading for a complete photo album of their ill-fated trip arranged chronologically and with captions.

Judge inmate without pants in the courtroom

VIDEO Inmate has no pants in court, judge loses her s*** and calls jail officials

Kentucky District Judge Amber Wolf was dealing with what appeared to be a rather routine shoplifting case when the defendant’s attorney leaned in and discreetly pointed out that her client had not been given any pants by prison officials–despite being in custody for three days. In response, a flabberhasted Judge Wolf held up up court proceedings to call the corrections department, demanding to know “What the hell is going on?” Keep reading to watch the clip and read the response from a corrections department rep after the video was posted online.

Pokemon Go nearby gray silhouette guide for every Pokemon

Pokemon nearby silhouette guide_tn

If you’re like me then you are one of the millions of folks completely addicted to Pokemon Go, and if you’re even more like me, then you are completely new to the world of Pokemon and have no earthly idea what you’re chasing based on those gray silhouettes in the “nearby” screen! So, I took an embarrassing amount of time and compiled a complete guide to all of the Pokemon Go silhouettes — including the six Pokemon that are not catchable yet, as well as the four continent-specific Pokemon that can only be caught in North America, Europe, Australia or Asia. Check it out and catch ’em all!

What true story is the LMN movie House of Darkness based on?


Tonight is the world premiere of the Lifetime Movie Network horror film House Of Darkness, which tells the story of a San Francisco family of three who relocate to a rural farmhouse that turns out to be anything but serene. The film is billed as being “inspired by true events,” so we did a little digging to figure out just what those true events are!