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PHOTOS Are miniskirts with LED underlights the next big thing?

For years, men have been using LED and neon to light the chassis and undercarriages of their racy whips. Now, women can get in the game, by lighting their own chassis and undercarriages–but instead of racy whips, it’s their racy hips! Keep reading to see the “brilliant” fashion creations of a tech-savvy fashiontrepreneur who took a frilly trend from Japan and adapted it to the US club scene, complete with bluetooth and an Android app to control the light show!


National Park Service lifts alcohol ban in partnership with Budweiser beer company Anheuser-Busch

It seems that Anheuser-Busch is smarter than your average beer as it has worked out a $2.5 million “co-branding” campaign with the National Parks Service, which has (or had) a long-standing no alcohol policy. Keep reading for all the details, including new Statue of Liberty Budweiser cans and “a pretty epic surprise concert this summer.”

VIDEO Viral Beaverton City Hall twerkers inspire ‘Beavers’ short film


It’s been exactly one year since three young ladies from Oregon went viral after they were seen twerking outside of Beaverton City Hall (and peeing in the parking lot) before then being pulled over by police with drugs in their possession and being arrested. Filmmaker Joe Hackman was particularly moved by this Twerkspearian tragedy and he was inspired to create a ten-minute short film inspired by their ordeal simply titled Beavers.

PHOTOS Florida man Austin Hatfield bitten by cottonmouth while kissing it


18-year-old Austin Hatfield of Ruskin, Florida was hospitalized and nearly died last week after he attempted to kiss a four-foot cottonmouth snake he had been keeping captive in a pillow case on his bed and the snake bit him on the lip. Keep reading for the full story, including Austins past history of getting intimate with serpents.