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VIDEO Viral Beaverton City Hall twerkers inspire ‘Beavers’ short film

It’s been exactly one year since three young ladies from Oregon went viral after they were seen twerking outside of Beaverton City Hall (and peeing in the parking lot) before then being pulled over by police with drugs in their possession and being arrested. Filmmaker Joe Hackman was particularly moved by this Twerkspearian tragedy and he was inspired to create a ten-minute short film inspired by their ordeal simply titled Beavers.

PHOTOS Florida man Austin Hatfield bitten by cottonmouth while kissing it


18-year-old Austin Hatfield of Ruskin, Florida was hospitalized and nearly died last week after he attempted to kiss a four-foot cottonmouth snake he had been keeping captive in a pillow case on his bed and the snake bit him on the lip. Keep reading for the full story, including Austins past history of getting intimate with serpents.

VIDEO PHOTOS Hot Topic launches Marvel Avengers line of dresses, jackets


Are you a serious comic book fangirl looking to celebrate the new <em>Avengers: Age of Ultron</em> movie by making a bold and fun fashion statement? Then Hot Topic has got you covered — literally! The retailer has just revealed their much-anticipated collection of Marvel Avengers apparel designed by Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein in collaboration with Amy Beth Christenson and Andrew MacLaine, winners of the first-ever Her Universe “Geek Couture” Fashion Show held at last year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego. KEep reading for photos, descriptions, and prices for each of the looks as well as a video of all of them in motion!

10-yr-old Mackenzie Moretter’s birthday attended by 300 strangers after 0 RSVPs and mom’s plea


In a heaping, helping dose of feel-good news, 10-year-old Mackenzie Moretter, who suffers from the rare genetic disorder Sotos Disease, had a HUGE birthday bash yesterday with over 300 attendees. That may not seem extremely newsworthy, but just one day before her mother issued a Facebook plea after everyone initially invited to Mackenzie’s party declined to attend. Keep reading for videos from Mackenziepalooza by local news agencies and read her mom’s emotional message of appreciation.

Jenny Peak mug shot photo, self-assault arrest story is a hoax


There’s a viral story currently making the rounds about a woman named Jenny Peak who was arrested in Chicago after winning a $12 bet with her stepfather after he said she couldn’t “kick her own ass.” The virality of the story is fueled by a shocking mug shot photo allegedly of Jenny showing the head injuries that she sustained during her successful bid to beat herself up. But, we did a little research and discovered the whole Jenny Peak story is fake. Keep reading to find out the real story behind the all-too-real mug shot photo!

Lollapalooza and Coachella festivals ban selfie sticks


If you’re getting all packed for festival season then you may have a little bit extra room where you thought your selfie stick was going to go. That’s right, you’re going to have to Instagram your Coachella and Lollapalooza experience(s) using only your old-fashioned pair of arms as both festivals have recently officially banned the camera arm extensions from their events.

PHOTO Billionaire British heiress and baby in epic celebrity photobomb sandwich


Billionaire British heiress Alice Bamford posed for a photo with her baby at Hollywood’s famous Nobu Japanese restaurant on Sunday, but Alice and little Lilou were upstaged by one of the most famous families on the planet! Keep reading to find out who the family is and why they aren’t the wealthiest peeps in the pic.