News of the Bizarre

Bus sex teen who “expelled wind from the vulva” cops plea for elbowing taunter’s testicles


An 18-year-old Pennsylvania high school senior plead guilty to striking a younger student who taunted her after an incident occurred while she was having sexual intercourse on the back of a school bus. The bizarre incident was explained in amazing detailed by a Trooper and we’ve got the write up from his official report!

Woman found out her dead husband was also her dad


60-year-old Valerie, of Doylestown, OH, is sharing her heartbreaking and shocking story with the world in hopes of helping others. Eight years ago Valerie found out that her late husband Percy Spruill, was actually her father (he died in 1989 a the age of 60.) But, his wasn’t the first “family secret” Valerie had had to deal with, her family life had been rife with hidden truths.