Tom Hardy's cock 1

LINKS! Tom Hardy’s cock, Erika Jayne naked, ‘Find the hidden snake’ goes viral…

DLISTED Tom “Cock-Catcher” Hardy may have played Bane in a movie, but he’s Batman in real life

REALITY TEA The third part of the RHOA reunion was a “war of words” and there’s still one more episode to go

JEZEBEL The Kardashian Principle encapsulates a lot of the obnoxious dysfunction of American culture by being an obnoxious and dysfunctional book

CELEBITCHY Wes Anderson’s new movie is set in Japan, but its cast is pretty Californian

THE BLEMISH Tyra Banks wrote a “glowing” essay on plus-size model Ashley Graham for the Time 100 List

VOX Alex Jones is now publicly contradicting his lawyer’s argument that he’s a performance artist

VERY SMART BROTHAS ICYMI, here’s a primer on the Shea Moisture controversy

THE SUPERFICIAL Erika Jayne is getting naked on Instagram to promote her new song, or something

UPROXX 2017’s version of “What color is this dress” is here, and it’s a fun game called “Find the snake in this photo”

LINKS! Kara Del Toro’s bikini spread, RIP ‘Cash Me Ousside,’ FitBit solves murders…

Kara Del Toro's bikini spread

DLISTED Madonna is pissed that she’s the subject of a forthcoming biopic, possibly because she’s not dead yet

REALITY TEA The Little Women LA cast vacationed in Alaska together and they have the slide show to prove it

JEZEBEL Uncultured Alex Jones has been reduced to picking fights with a Greek yogurt billionaire

CELEBITCHY Serena Williams’ response to Ilie Natstase’s racism is a perfectly executed backhand

THE BLEMISH The ‘Cash me ousside’ girl is now Bart Simpson after he went on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

VOX Other than every single national park closing indefinitely, here’s a list of everything that might happen if the US government shuts down on Friday

CELEBSLAM Kara Del Toro went to the beach on vacation, so, bikini photos

UPROXX A tip for all aspiring murders: Dispose of the victim’s FitBit, lest its data contradict your alibi

LINKS! Ariel Winter mostly clothed, Elton John’s near-death recovery, Melania Kardashian…

Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "Smurfs: The Lost Village"

DLISTED LeAnn Rimes is as happy to be married to Eddie Cibrian as Zoolander is to be good looking

REALITY TEA “Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright went to Florida and got matching tattoos together” sounds like a recipe for disaster but they actually turned out pretty good?

JEZEBEL Sir Elton John was near death for a minute *sharp intake of breath* but is now recovering nicely *collective exhale*

CELEBITCHY The Vanity Fair “exposé” on Melania Trump is mostly just gossip and rumor, meaning she’s officially on the Kardashians’ level

THE BLEMISH Ariel Winter can and will wear minimal clothing whenever she wants, and the SEO harvesters among us will forever worship at her feet for it

VOX Barack Obama is playing the very, very long game

VERY SMART BROTHAS Henrietta Lacks’ legacy is only going to get more complicated now that even more people who aren’t her family are profiting from it

THE SUPERFICIAL The best thing about Amber Heard and Elon Musk going public with their bangery is the Nikola Tesla joke in this article, so enjoy

UPROXX “Tupac is an official member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame” is a weird thing to write on several levels

LINKS R.I.P. Erin Moran, Blake REALLY Lively, sax on a plane…

Erin Moran

JEZEBELErin Moran, Who Played Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days, Is Dead at 56

DLISTEDIn Puzzling Couple News, David Spade And Naya Rivera Are Still Dating

REALITY TEACynthia Bailey Loved Andy Cohen For Asking Tough Questions At The Reunion

CELEBITCHYBlake Lively wasn’t happy when a reporter asked her a fashion question

THE BLEMISHEd Sheeran Might Quit Music

UPROXXKenny G Proves Good Things Can Still Happen On Planes With A Surprise Performance

Tove Lo topless at Coachella 2

LINKS! Tove Lo topless at Coachella, Will Smith as Genie, the $400 juicer goes viral…

DLISTED Will Smith would have been best as Genie in an Aladdin movie twenty years ago, but better late than never I guess

REALITY TEA Kathryn Dennis thinks she has more southern charm than her producers are willing to air

JEZEBEL If you were a well-to-do woman in the 19th century, what you’d do is you’d have your husband kill an elephant and fashion one tusk into an impressive dildo, which was of course called a “Ladies Companion”

CELEBITCHY Julia Roberts has been People‘s Most Beautiful Woman at ages 23, 32, 37, 42, and now for the fifth time at 49

THE BLEMISH Celebrity Boobs of Coachella, Part Two: Tove Lo Topless edition

VOX West Virginians, rejoice: Yours is now the 29th state where medical marijuana is legal

UPROXX There is a juicer that costs $400 and all it does is squeeze bags of pre-made juice into a glass instead of actually turning fruit into juice for you. And here are some measured, perfectly reasonable reviews of this $400 juicer

LINKS! Coachella’s celebrity boobs, Gwen Stefani’s Easter controversy, Atlanta keeps exploding…

Coachella's celebrity boobs 2

DLISTED Richard Hatch is no longer the most hated gay villain in Survivor history

REALITY TEA The first part of the RHOA reunion special went heavy on vaginas and prosthetic camel toes

JEZEBEL If you’re young enough to generate babies and chill enough to be on the receiving end of a 70-year-old baronet’s death-defying thrusts, apply for marriage within

CELEBITCHY Gwen Stefani wore a miniskirt to Easter Mass; let’s talk about it

THE BLEMISH Celebrity boobs were out in force for Coachella

VOX The city of Atlanta is having problems keeping its roads from exploding

THE SUPERFICIAL Here’s Karrueche Tran wearing a bikini and making some course corrections

VERY SMART BROTHAS Don’t try to make sense of Cleveland murderer Steve Stevens blaming an ex-girlfriend for his actions

UPROXX Robert “Forrest Gump” Pope has been running across America for seven months and 5,400 miles now