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PHOTO Texas textbook photo calls slaves ‘workers’

A Texas-based textbook publisher is under fire and promising to make revisions after an image of one of its book’s sections on slavery went viral. What’s the controversy? The Texas textbook photo refers to slaves as “workers”–a whitewashing that’s prompted ire from a number of sources. Read on for the original photo, and a bevy of reactions.

VIDEO Mom sues cop for allegedly punching her in the face in front of her kids


Cindy Hahn, a 40-year-old mom-of-two from Valencia, California, is suing the City of Carlsbad and several of its police officers, alleging that cops used unnecessary force by pinning her to the ground and repeatedly punching her during a July 2013 arrest. See disturbing cellphone video taken at the scene that would seem to back her side of the story.


VIDEO What is TLC’s new series Sex In Public?

No stranger to controversial TV shows, TLC will be premiering its new six-episode series Sex In Public tonight at 10/9c. Prior to the premiere, the Parents Television Council issued a statement condemning the network for airing the series. “TLC once stood for The Learning Channel,” said PTC president Tim Winter, “but today it stands for Totally Ludicrous Content.” However, the show isn’t really as racy as its title suggests–viewers tuning in hoping to see people making sweet love in public are going to be very disappointed. Keep reading to find out what the show is actually about and watch the preview trailer.