Woman arrested after allegedly writing ‘wore’ on gal pal’s car, keying bf’s car


The Typo Police are real! 20-year-old Shannon Csapilla of Stamford, Connecticut faces two counts of first-degree criminal mischief after she allegedly took revenge on the boyfriend and gal pal she thought he was cheating with. What sort of revenge did Csapilla take? She keyed their cars, punctured their tires–and wrote “wore” on the girl’s car. Keep reading for all the details, including Shannon’s alleged tantalizing Snapchat post to Stamford police, and her recent statement addressing the attention she’s now receiving online.

Do Huggies baby wipes really contain shards of glass?

Broken glass

It all started with a video posted last week on Facebook by Melissa Estrella. In the video, the mom finds suspicious, sharp “shards” covering her child’s Huggies brand baby wipes. Estrella’s discovery has parents everywhere questioning whether Huggies baby wipes wipes are tainted with shards of glass. Read on to find out more about this discovery and Huggies’ response to the allegations.