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Jared Fogle allegedly spent ‘at least’ $12,000 a year on prostitutes

New details about former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s “hypersexual” personality have emerged in the wake of the child pornography trial that saw him sentenced to 188 months in prison. According to John Bradford, a University of Ottawa professor and expert in sexual deviance, Fogle became hypersexual as a result of the weight loss that made him famous.

VIDEO Eagles of Death Metal members open up about Paris attacks for the first time

Eagles of Death Metal Paris Attacks 3

Eagles of Death Metal, the California rock band who were in the middle of a show at Paris’ Le Bataclan theater when last week’s terror attacks broke out, have discussed the attacks for the first time in a new interview. Read on for a preview clip in which the band talk about the shock, confusion, and terror they felt upon realizing what was happening right in front of them.

Jared Fogle gulity: Ex-Subway spokesman sentenced to 15+ years in federal prison on child pornography, sex abuse charges

Jared Fogle guilty 1

“Jared Fogle guilty” began trending across social media this morning, following the verdict in the child pornography trial of the former Subway spokesman. Fogle will be sentenced shortly; read on to find out what some legal experts say his punishment might be.

UPDATE: Jared has been sentenced to over fifteen years in prison for his crimes.

Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie viral video 2

VIDEO Wal-Mart sells out of Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies thanks to viral video review

The Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie viral video sensation has had an immediate and overwhelming effect on demand. Following YouTuber James Wright’s over-the-top video review, Wal-Mart has basically sold out of the sweet treat, and is trying to secure more sweet potatoes to meet demand. Read on for the video and Wright’s response!

Georgia mom completes college exam while in labor


When you finish an online test for your college psychology course while in labor, you have officially earned Starcasm’s #WCW! Find out the story behind a viral photo of a Georgia mom who would not allow herself to fail an exam, even if that meant taking the exam while having a baby.