Kesha’s producer Dr. Luke produces 2011 deposition where she says he did not drug her


Kesha and her former longtime producer Dr. Luke are currently in dueling lawsuits, over allegations the singer made about being abused at his hands, including being drugged and sexually assaulted. Now, Dr. Luke is filing another lawsuit against Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, and producing documents from a 2011 deposition where Kesha denied under oath that Dr. Luke drugged her or that they had any sort of sexual relationship.

VIDEO PHOTOS Ke$ha’s 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards pimp tux and “C’mon” performance


Ke$ha showed up at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards looking as though she had just left Xzibit’s new reality show Pimp My Singer! The 26-year-old was a cross between Bootsy Collins and David Lee Roth in a powder blue (almost lavender) tux with matching hat, star-shaped jewel-rimed sunglasses, and of course a walking stick — oh, and her younger brother Louie in a matching orange outfit! (Can you guess the movie the Sebert siblings are paying homage to?) Keep reading to see photos from the purple carpet, watch Ke$ha’s performance of “C’mon” from the show, and find out how all fo this might impact a certain cast member of Teen Mom 2!

Ke$ha tones it down for AMA awards, would totally hit it with Justin Bieber


Ke$ha has been the poster-gal for questionable fashion choices ever since she hit the pop landscape. Her Hot-Topic-inspired ensembles and over-the-top but not in a way it works like Lady Gaga usually manages wardrobes have inspired a tome of SMDHs. Every once in a while Kesha Rose Sebert will step out sans the outrageousness and the results are usually good. This change-up potential was on full display as Ke$ha hit the red carpet at the AMAs looking great in an (hold it) understated beaded dress and high heel black shoes. See pics, her performance of “Die Young” (after being introduced by a legend) and a funny interview in which she said she’d shack up with The Biebs – after verifying his age.

PHOTO Guess what Ke$ha’s new lip tattoo says


Celebrity skin ink pop quiz time! Trashy, flashy, and probably has a nether region rashy Ke$ha just got a brand new tattoo on the inside of her lip. Let’s see if you can guess what it says. Here are your choices:

1. Insert Here
2. Voice Hole
3. Suck It!
4. If you can read this you’re doing it wrong!

Keep reading for the correct answer!

Ke$ha pees in the street, shares photo on Twitter


Ke$ha has taken the notion of leaking photos to a whole new level! The 25-year-old “Tik Tok” singer may have to consider re-recording the song as “Tinkle Tok” after she opted to take a pi$$ in the street yesterday, apparently because she was held up in traffic and couldn’t get to a restroom. Of course the notoriously trashy gal had to share the moment with her fans, tweeting a photo of herself in the act. Keep reading for Ke$ha’s Jersey Shore moment and learn more about her past urinary transgressions.