PHOTO – Adele tattooed her son’s initial behind her ear


Adele has refused to officially reveal the name of her new baby boy, saying it’s too “personal and intimate,” but she’s been wearing a nameplate with the name “Angelo,” and she showed off a new “A” neck tattoo at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Either the initial is for her son, or Adele has an unhealthy obsession with Pretty Little Liars!

Adele’s father: “It’s like I’m dead to her”

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Time and time again, people who’ve had nothing to do with the success of a celebrity tries to cash in. That seems to be the case with Adele’s own father — but the superstar will have nothing to do with it.

Since Mark Evans, Adele’s dad, sold a story about her to the press in 2011, she has refused all communications with him. He even found out that he was going to be a grandfather by hearing it on the news.