Bobbi Kristina Update: Bobby Brown blames Nick Gordon directly, says ‘We know who harmed Bobbi Kristina’

Nick Gordon 1

Bobby Brown has made his first public statement regarding the ongoing legal proceedings against Nick Gordon, and it’s a doozy: Brown calls Gordon’s lawsuit frivolous, implies cowardice on Gordon’s part, and suggests that the harm Gordon did to Bobbi Kristina was directly responsible for her death. Read on for the full statement in the latest Bobbi Kristina update.

Azealia Banks homophobic rant: Rapper compares gay community to the KKK in Twitter diatribe

Azaelia Banks homophobic rant 1

Just a few days after Azealia Banks got involved in a high-volume airplane fight–one in which she called a flight attendant a “f*cking f*ggot” and allegedly attacked a Frenchman–the controversial rapper has unleashed another tirade, this time on Twitter. This weekend, Azealia Banks got into it with a star of the popular British series EastEnders; the resulting social media spat devolved into the latest Azealia Banks homophobic rant.

The girls of Danity Kane claim they lost out on millions while under the management of P. Diddy

Danity Kane

Remember Danity Kane? They were the all-girl group brought together by Diddy for the MTV show Making the Band. Cameras followed the group as they recorded tracks, learned choreography, and went on to become a hit back in the mid 2000s. During a recent radio appearance, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex revealed that despite having hit after hit with Danity Kane, the girls made very little money–and, in fact, lost out on millions.

VIDEO Bobby Brown breaks down in tears while discussing Bobbi Kristina’s death

Bobbi Kristina hugs dad Bobby Brown

An emotional and often tear-struck Bobby Brown stopped by the set of The Real on Monday, for his first official interview since Bobbi Kristina’s death. Brown also displayed a light heart in the interview, joking about how Bobbi Kristina’s death had reunited his daughter and her mother, Whitney Houston. Read on to see video clips from the interview.