New Brandon Jenner music video for ‘Shadow’ with Leah Jenner on harmony vocals

Brandon Jenner Shadow song music video

Brandon Jenner released his first solo EP titled Burning Ground late last year, which was followed by an ambitious crowd-sourced video for the single “I Believe.” Now, as Brandon prepares to tour in July, he has released a homemade black-and-white video for his song “Shadow,” which includes his wife Leah Jenner on vocals.

Chief Keef arrested 2017 1

MUG SHOT Chief Keef had something on his mind after getting arrested in a surprise drug bust

Chief Keef’s latest run-in with the law resulted in one of the more entertaining celebrity mug shots to emerge in some time. The 21-year-old was arrested on possession charges down in Miami over the weekend, after what looked like a routine traffic stop turned into a surprise drug bust. TMZ was first on the scene […]

French Montana tweet to ‘musty crusty dusty rusty @ss hoe with them nappy @ss poetic justice braids’ deemed racist by some


Rapper French Montana is in a bit of hot water after a woman laughed on Twitter at the notion “that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him” and he responded with an aggressive, derogatory, and some think racist tweet calling the black woman who posted the tweet a “musty crusty dusty rusty @ss hoe with them nappy @ss poetic justice braids.”