Mug Shots

VIDEOS PHOTOS Briana DeJesus’ ex Shakiel Brown arrested after revenge porn posts


We reported two weeks ago that Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus was the victim of revenge porn after her ex Shakiel “Shoc” Brown posted explicit videos and photos of her online following their break up. Although Florida has yet to pass a “revenge porn” statute, because Briana did not consent to some of the explicit material, police arrested Shakiel on Tuesday and charged him with “video voyeurism,” a second-degree felony. Keep reading for his latest mug shot, raw video of his first court appearance, and a local news report on the arrest that includes an interview with Briana.


Bobbi Kristina’s cousin and “Pray for BK” tribute singer Jerod Brown arrested in Atlanta

Just one week after releasing the music video tribute “Pray for BK” in honor of his cousin Bobbi Kristina, singer Jerod Brown (aka YF Kennedy) has been arrested in Atlanta after being pulled over and lying to police about his name and whether or not he had a driver’s license. Oh, and he also had an outstanding warrant. Keep reading for all the details, including his arrest in 2013 for the same exact reasons.