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Eddie Smith mug shot Facebook post about warrants

Man posts on Facebook about having 16 warrants, arrested same day

There are many, many, many things people shouldn’t brag about on Facebook, and having more than a dozen warrants out for your arrest is definitely one of them. That was a hard lesson learned by 22-year-old Mineral Wells, Texas resident Eddie Smith, who seemingly misplaced his brain when he boasted on his public Facebook page, “So I have 16 warrants right now. Lol they know where I’m at tho, so it must not be TOO bad.”

Porsha Williams animated gif about her legacy with mug shot photo

Porsha Williams’ arrest went a little different than she said, according to the police report

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Porsha Williams was pulled over for speeding while driving her Rolls Royce 78mph in a 55mph zone on December 29, and she was later arrested after it was determined that her driver’s license was suspended because of her “Failure to Appear” for a prior citation. Porsha issued a statement explaining what happened, but the police report highlights some things she left off — like repeatedly calling the arresting officer “a**hole” after she was asked five times to place her hands behind her back.

Married couple create “decoration graveyard” with stolen Christmas decorations


On December 19, 18-year-old Jeremy Lewallen and his 42-year-old wife Carrie Carley were arrested in Colorado Springs for allegedly stealing Christmas decorations from their neighbors’ yards to create what one theft victim called a “decoration graveyard.” See why their display was aptly given that name via a local news report in which the wife puts all the blame squarely on the shoulders of her younger hubby.

Who is Dustin Diamond’s girlfriend Amanda Schutz, aka Loli Pop the Clown?


Somehow Christmas 2014’s most bizarre celebrity news story just got slightly more bizarre as it has been revealed that Dustin Diamond’s girlfriend Amanda Schutz, who was arrested along with Dustin on December 26 after a stabbing incident at a Wisconsin bar, is a professional clown. Keep reading for the latest on Dustin’s legal situation and find out more about his girlfriend (and possible fiancée), Loli Pop the Clown.

VIDEO MUG SHOT Screech actor Dustin Diamond arrested for allegedly stabbing somebody


Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on the popular sitcom, was arrested early this morning after an alleged bar altercation involving his girlfriend. Keep reading to find out more about his arrest, including the kind of weapon he was allegedly concealing!

UPDATE - We’ve added a video of Dustin and his girlfriend at the bar in which a woman can be heard exclaiming that Dustin has a weapon. Also, more details have emerged, including that Dustin allegedly stabbed someone!