Mug Shots

Mug shot photos of Waco Twin Peaks shooting motorcycle gang members


More than 170 people were charged in the wake of Sunday’s biker gang shootout at a Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas. The violence left 9 people dead and 18 injured. Keep reading for the latest on the fallout, including mug shot photos and a list of those arrested, the status of the restaurant, and the fate of the more than 100 motorcycles and 50 vehicles confiscated by police at the scene.


Woman faked cancer to get state-paid late-term abortion

A fraudster living under an alias has been charged with faking a cancer diagnosis in order to have the state of Arizona pay for her late-term abortion. Find out how this con artist was caught in Georgia, the profession she was pretending to have that is particularly insulting and how the arrest came just days before she was set to pull of her latest scam which would have been a travesty for another family.