Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis baby 1

VIDEO Nicole Curtis breastfeeds her son during Facebook Live interview, shrugs, says ‘It’s just a boob’

Rehab Addict fans intrigued by the recent birth of a Nicole Curtis baby but baffled by a lack of news about the child were both delighted and baffled by Nicole’s appearance on a Detroit radio show this weekend. Her interview on “Hire It Done,” a popular construction and renovation chat show, was carried on a Facebook Live stream–and featured Nicole not only showing her 18-month-old son in public for the first time, but breastfeeding him for good measure!

Flip or Flop’s Christina El Moussa gets ‘brutally honest’ about postpartum difficulty, reveals pregnancy complications

Christina El Moussa pregnancy 2

It turns out that the most recent Christina El Moussa pregnancy wasn’t as smooth as the Flip Or Flop star’s fans believed. Now, she’s turning heads and starting conversations about the difficulties of postpartum adjustments, thanks to a “brutally honest” new interview between Christina and the woman who’s helped her most in the wake of four-month-old son Brayden’s birth.

Rihanna wants to have a baby soon, explains why she took back Chris Brown


Rihanna may be thinking about settling down and having a family. In Elle UK (via NYDN) she says she wants to have a child soon, and although she doesn’t name Chris Brown as the person she wants to have a baby with, she does go on at length about why she took him back after their domestic violence incident after the 2009 Grammys.

Is it acceptable to put a seven-year-old on a diet?

The Heavy by Dara-Lynn Weiss

Here is the dilemma with putting a young girl or boy on a diet: If a child is told her body is “wrong” from such a young age and is forced to change her behaviors, will she be set up for a lifetime of insecurity and disordered eating? Or, if you don’t encourage her to eat healthier and become more active, is she destined to the health problems that coincide with obesity?