Money Money

Marty Lagina’s net worth may determine Curse of Oak Island Season 6

Of all the factors determining whether we get a new season of Curse of Oak Island, perhaps none is more important than Marty Lagina’s net worth. The quieter of the two Lagina brothers also happens to be the money man funding the bulk of Rick’s exploration — and his willingness to continue doing so may play a bigger role in the project than even History’s involvement.

Rob Kardashian can’t keep up with monthly $20K child support payments for Blac Chyna (and Dream)

Although Rob Kardashian’s net worth has reportedly been in the millions of dollars for years, a pair of recent reports alleges that he’s actually much closer to zero thanks to the high cost of Blac Chyna’s child support payments. BET writes that Rob’s been hit hard by the $20,000 monthly payments, and has actually been […]

Kylie Jenner could be a billionaire by her 21st birthday

Today, Kylie Jenner turns twenty years old. (It’s somewhat inaccurate to say that she celebrates her birthday today; she’s been celebrating for over a week.) In years past, we might have joined other notable outlets of celebrity journalism in teasing Kylie for her latest extravagance, or for the simple fact of her inexplicable, foot-heavy, near-deathless […]

Because Money: Tarek and Christina are back together (for Flip or Flop purposes)

It took what was no doubt an insane amount of money, but the El Moussas have reunited–for business purposes only. In a surprise about-face, HGTV announced that Tarek and Christina are back together and the original Flip or Flop–which the network had intended to let wither and die once its stars’ contracts ran out–will shoot […]

COOPER’S TREASURE Discovery strikes astronaut gold with the most absurd, delightful premise in reality TV history

Discovery’s Cooper’s Treasure has had the broad cross-section of the reality TV, treasure hunt, and outer space communities salivating ever since the network first announced the show. The implications of a hunt for shipwrecked treasure based on an astronaut treasure map were almost too good to be true–particularly since the initial wave of information about […]