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VIDEO LHHATL Lovely Mimi drops some wisdom for the ‘little motherf*ckers’ (meaning kids) who won’t stay off her Instagram page

Instagram superstar Lovely Mimi has been something of a polarizing figure over the course of her debut on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Broadly speaking, it seems like fans of Lovely Mimi’s Instagram page appreciate her over-the-top persona and the Cardi-B-on-twelve-shots-of-espresso energy she brings to every scene. And it also seems like fans of LHHATL […]

LHHATL Lovely Mimi and husband Remy The Boss are a party bus time bomb waiting for the rest of the cast to catch up

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Instagram sensation Lovely Mimi has made quite a splash since her debut for LHHATL Season 6. But her husband Remy The Boss (real name Remy Skinner) is also attracting attention to himself, thanks mainly to his unusual role on the show. He’s the rare Love & Hip Hop husband who’s both subordinate to his wife […]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta teases Lovely Mimi’s criminal record to avoid a repeat of the Tommie mugshot debacle

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LHHATL has officially begun teasing the Lovely Mimi criminal record, so it’s likely to come out on the show soon. Fortunately, we spilled that tea weeks ago, so now it’s just a matter of seeing whether the show leaves any details out–or brings up new ones! As we reported in advance of Lovely Mimi’s first […]

VIDEO Lovely Mimi shoots back at LHHATL haters by literally showing off her (infamous) big mouth

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Lovely Mimi has a legion of fans from her Instagram days, but it looks like the army of Lovely Mimi haters is growing fast in the wake of her first appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Mimi’s over-the-top style didn’t sit well with a what appears to be a sizeable portion of the show’s […]

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VIDEO Tommie tries to throw down on Karlie Redd, but six pesky security guards get in her way

Tommie and Karlie Redd haven’t had what you might call an easygoing relationship, but last night Tommie tried to elevate their feud by throwing down on Karlie in a very public place–and with the LHHATL cameras apparently rolling. (So, cue the chorus of “The whole show is fake af,” which we’re not even saying is […]

PHOTOS LHHATL Lovely Mimi arrested on drug trafficking & firearm charges in 2013

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Lovely Mimi is the most anticipated addition to any Love & Hip Hop cast since Cardi B joined up with New York in 2015. Though she’s not an Atlanta native, the Vietnam-born, Maryland-raised Instagram superstar has cultivated an Instagram following of around 1.5 million in just over a year, and viewers are eager to see […]

PHOTOS Lovely Mimi before and after: What did she used to look like?

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Lovely Mimi’s extremely young age and supremely rapid ascent into social media superstardom have most LHHATL fans doing a cartoonish double take. Who is exactly is the self-proclaimed “most ratchet Asian girl you’re ever going to meet,” and where did she come from? We’ve already covered the basics of Mimi’s bio, including her birthdate, background, […]

PHOTOS LHHATL’s Lovely Mimi and husband have their kids in training to be future Instagram superstars

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The very first appearance of Lovely Mimi on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is nearly upon us, and the Instagram sensation has her million-plus followers in an anticipatory tizzy over the big moment. In fact, Mimi’s husband Remy is helping orchestrate the big reveal from his own Instagram account–he recently let slip exactly how long […]