Legal Problems

Derrick Rose rape accusations: Star dismisses civil suit, says he uses it as ‘fuel’

Derrick Rose rape accusations 1

Derrick Rose addressed the rape accusations pending against him in civil court with a complete dismissal yesterday, saying he’s sure he’ll be proven innocent and declaring that they provide him with extra motivation at the onset of the NBA season. Read on to see the full statement he gave regarding the Derrick Rose rape accusations.

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Update: Bobby Brown blames Nick Gordon directly, says ‘We know who harmed Bobbi Kristina’

Bobby Brown has made his first public statement regarding the ongoing legal proceedings against Nick Gordon, and it’s a doozy: Brown calls Gordon’s lawsuit frivolous, implies cowardice on Gordon’s part, and suggests that the harm Gordon did to Bobbi Kristina was directly responsible for her death. Read on for the full statement in the latest Bobbi Kristina update.

Bobbi Kristina Update: Has the Bobbi Kristina murder investigation begun?

RIP Bobbi Kristina

Though no criminal charges have yet been filed against Nick Gordon or anyone else, speculation is rampant that the Bobbi Kristina murder investigation has either begun or is about to commence. Sources point to the transfer of the investigation from the smaller Roswell Police Department to the much larger Fulton County PD, plus renewed police interest in the case, as the primary causes for belief.