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Were Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina married? Dr. Phil interview raises new interest in question

The exact nature of the relationship between Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina has been something of a mystery ever since the then-21-year-old fell into a coma following last January’s bathtub incident. Lately, interest in the question has reached new levels, thanks to the second Nick Gordon Dr. Phil interview, which mark the first time Gordon has spoken on the record regarding his version of what happened in their relationship’s final days.

VIDEO Two-part Nick Gordon Dr. Phil interview talks drugs, murder

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston, found unconscious in a bathtub

The newest and longest Nick Gordon Dr. Phil interview to date looks to shed light on some of the lingering questions regarding rumors of Bobbi Kristina’s drug use and the circumstances surrounding her death. Excerpts from the interview have been released; read on to see footage of an emotional Gordon discussing Bobbi Kristina’s drug use for the first time.

Are the Love It or List It homes staged? Episode 152 lawsuit raises new questions

Are the Love It or List It homes staged 4

Are the Love It or List It homes staged? A lawsuit is drawing new attention to the show in the form of that ubiquitous question, thanks to two participants’ dispute regarding Love It or List It episode 152. Read on to find out exactly what the homeowners allege happened during filming for that episode–and whether his claims conflict with some long-held beliefs about the show!

Sisters In Law cast bios, legal expertise, and education

Sisters In Law cast Monique Sparks

Sisters In Law, the acclaimed new series from WE, details the professional and personal lives of some of Houston’s finest attorneys–and, if the Sisters In Law cast bios are any indication, praise for the show’s legal pedigree is well-earned. Read on to find out more about each member of the six-person Sisters In Law cast, including the legal background and expertise of each woman.

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Kylie Jenner trademark battle: Can she really copyright her name?

The Kylie Jenner trademark battle is the first in the 18-year-old’s life not being waged over social media. Instead, Jenner’s team of lawyers is battling with Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue’s legal crew over the commercial rights to the name “Kylie.” But can Kylie Jenner trademark her own name? And will an American court grant her exclusive rights to it? It’s a catchy conundrum…

Billion Dollar Wreck: Martin Bayerle manslaughter charges explained

Martin Bayerle manslaughter 2

In the latest Billion Dollar Wreck update, we take a closer look at the Martin Bayerle manslaughter charges stemming from his 1991 arrest on murder charges. The case involved Bayerle; his then-wife Susan; and Susan’s lover Stefano Robotti, who Martin Bayerle shot while trying, as Martin put it, to protect his family. Read on for more about what happened between the three, and why a jury convicted on the Martin Bayerle manslaughter charges, rather than murder.

Is Saul Goodman real? Is he based on a real person?

Is Saul Goodman real 2

Is Saul Goodman real? Is there a real-life person upon whom the legendary lawyer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame is based? The answer is complicated, because there are so very many scurvy shyster lawyers in the world, and Saul is an amalgom of all their wonderful, horrible traits. But there are some real-life attorneys whose client list and courtroom manner bear striking resemblances to Saul Goodman, and we’ve got one of the best.

Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B plans prison wedding with jailed boyfriend, lashes out at critics

Cardi B wedding 2

The Cardi B wedding controversy is very real, and the breakout star of Love & Hip Hop Season Six is willing to call out fans who disagree with her conduct. After some recent comments about marrying her boyfriend in jail went viral, those fans got nasty; but the Cardi B wedding will take place where and whenever Cardi B wants it–something that Cardi was quick to remind her followers.