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VIDEO Hey fat-shaming school board president, that mic is hot!

A school board president from New York State forgot the old adage, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is probably a good thing because the guy proved himself to be a total d-bag. At the conclusion of a meeting he forgot his mic was hot and proceeded to call the mother of a student a “chubby wubby” among other derogatory remarks. Find out his fate and read his apologetic statement.

REPORT Woman tosses drink in Juan Pablo’s face, calls him a ‘f**king douche bag’

It appears that The Bachelor Nation has a new hero! The much-maligned Juan Pablo Galavis was at a Pool After Dark event at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City when an unnamed woman reportedly approached him, tossed a drink in his face and exclaimed, “F–king douche bag!” The event was so significant we were inspired to publish the first issue of Douche Bagazine in well over two years!

Jersey Shore’s “The Unit” facing 3-5 years for having date rape drug Ketamine

Jersey Shore's Jonny Manfre The Unit on the cover of Douche Bagazine

It appears as though Jersey Shore‘s curly-headed walking six-pack known as “The Unit” is in a bit of a “situation.” The Unit (real name Jonathan “Jonny” Manfre, 32) was arrested back in July when Seaside Heights Police found him in possession of a white powdery substance that turned out to be Ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic sometimes used as a date rape drug. He has since been charged with felony drug possession and faces 3-5 years behind bars if convicted.

Keep reading for all the details in the “Return Issue” of’s Douche Bagazine, on virtual newsstands now!

Douche Bagazine “Cheaters Issue!” with Jesse James, Tiger Woods, John Edwards and more!

Douche Bagazine with Jesse James, Tiger Woods, John Edwards and more!

Douche Bagazine is BACK! Check out the special “Cheaters Issue” with details on all the latest celebrity douchebags who have flaunted their fairy tale romances in our faces only to be busted with every waitress, aspiring model, stripper and adult film star they could get their gropey hands on! Join us as we watch their public image circle the toilet bowl, a pleasure the Germans call “douchadenfreude!”

Douche Bagazine Issue 2 – Kanye West & South Park, Spencer Pratt, Pete Wentz

Welcome to the second issue of Douche Bagazine, your source for all things douchey! Thanks to everyone that helped make the premier issue such a success! As long as there’s a demand for newsworthy douche baggery, you can expect a new issue to hit virtual stands every month! South Park called out Kanye West and […]

Douche Bagazine Premiere Issue! Pete Wentz, Kanye West, Chris Brown & More!

Brand new from Starcasm Publications is Douche Bagazine, your source for everything and everyone douchey! IN THIS ISSUE: Get the latest on the incomparable Pete Wentz, including a game of Russian Roulette with his own urine! FROM THE VAULT: Will Chris Brown release any of his sex tapes with Rihanna? “ON THE FENCE” with John […]