VIDEO Dad tapes hilarious video of students slipping on ice

Need a good laugh?

Allen Andersen arrived at his daughter’s school to pick her up when he was greeted with a hilarious site. He noticed an icy spot which proved to be problematic for many students. Rather than quietly laughing to himself, Allen decided to tape the students falling, add his own commentary, and post the video online. Check it out!

50 Cent gets Leonardo DiCapriotobombed and it’s AMAZING


It’s Golden Globes weekend and those A-list Hollywood parties are hoppin’! Rapper 50 Cent showed he’s got some serious hob nob game with a slew of instagram photos with a who’s who of Hollywood ranging from Scarlett Johannson to Naomi Campbell. Actually, there were so many big names that his photo with Naomi was upstaged by what is the early contender for Best Celebrity Photobomb of 2015! Keep reading to see the epic Leonardo DiCapriotobomb as well as more photos of 50 Cent “living with out limits” at the party, including yet another celebrity photobomb.