VIDEO Hey fat-shaming school board president, that mic is hot!


A school board president from New York State forgot the old adage, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is probably a good thing because the guy proved himself to be a total d-bag. At the conclusion of a meeting he forgot his mic was hot and proceeded to call the mother of a student a “chubby wubby” among other derogatory remarks. Find out his fate and read his apologetic statement.

VIDEO Train driver’s boot ain’t got time for kid’s unsafe selfie



A young man by the name of Jared Michael thought it would be a good idea to take a selfie as a train zoomed by. Kid estimated that he was at a safe distance but the locomotive engineer’s boot had other ideas as it seriously said “HELLO” to the side of his face. Warning: Remove cheese puffs and/or liquids from pie hole because this clip will induce involuntary spit takes!

REPORT Woman tosses drink in Juan Pablo’s face, calls him a ‘f**king douche bag’


It appears that The Bachelor Nation has a new hero! The much-maligned Juan Pablo Galavis was at a Pool After Dark event at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City when an unnamed woman reportedly approached him, tossed a drink in his face and exclaimed, “F–king douche bag!” The event was so significant we were inspired to publish the first issue of Douche Bagazine in well over two years!

Chris Brown arrested, back in jail after reportedly being kicked out of rehab again


Singer Chris Brown continues his tour of West Coast facilities with his latest appearance being at the LA County Jail. Brown was arrested by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies Friday afternoon after reportedly being tossed from his second rehab facility — which was a probation violation. (You might recall he was previously booted from a different rehab facility after reportedly tossing a rock through his mother’s car window.)

Wife stabs husband with squirrel for failing to procure Christmas beer


44-year-old Helen Ann Williams from North Charleston, South Carolina sent her old man out on a b-double-e-double-r-u-n late on Christmas Eve. After learning that her hubby had returned empty-handed because the store was closed she got so mad that she allegedly stabbed him with a squirrel. Read on for this squirrelly tale of one woman’s need for her Christmas spirits!