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MY 600 LB LIFE Zsalynn continues fight against ‘depression’ as weight loss approaches 400 pounds

My 600 Lb Life Zsalynn 8

The last time viewers got a My 600 Lb Life Zsalynn Whitworth update, the 45-year-old mother was doing unbelievably with her weight loss, but struggling with the emotional side of things. Though Zsalynn’s first episode aired in 2014, she also participated in a “Where Are They Now?” special last spring. In it, she revealed that […]

MY 600 LB LIFE Brittani Fulfer ‘close’ to weight loss goal, stunning in newest reveal pics

My 600 Lb Life Brittani 2

As you can tell from just the photo above, Brittani Fulfer has come a very, very long way from her first appearance on My 600 Lb Life. Her episode, which depicted an absolutely miserable person even by the show’s standards, was notable for Brittani’s painfully vivid descriptions of herself: both in body and in self-esteem. […]

MY 600 LB LIFE Amber Rachdi’s weight loss tops 400 pounds after complete lifestyle change

My 600 Lb Life Amber 2

Over the last few years, Amber Rachdi’s life has undergone a radical transformation. The My 600 Lb Life Amber episode that kicked off Season 3 (and which you can watch here via TLC) depicted a 23-year-old woman who was troubled, distressed, and in need of assistance for even basic tasks. While she was being filmed […]

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MY 600 LB LIFE Christina Phillips shares the biggest weight loss in the show’s history

One of My 600 Lb Life‘s very first participants can now lay claim to the most successful weight loss story in the show’s history. Christina Phillips, now 27, featured all the way back in Season 2 of the show. Her episode focused on her literal inability to leave her house and her family’s initially enabling […]