A&E flies us to Planet Nerd on new tattoo series Epic Ink


Huey Lewis was obviously ahead of his time when he belted out the lyrics to his Top Ten single “Hip to Be Square” back in 1986, and it doesn’t get any more hip or square than the Tatooine masters (see what I did there?) of Area 51 tattoo studios, who are featured on the new A&E reality series Epic Ink premiering tonight at 10:30/9:30c. Keep reading to find out more about the artists as well as the Area 51 studio, including exactly where it’s located. (It’s a big government secret, you know?)

PHOTOS Wayne Coyne, Miley Cyrus get tattoo tribute to her dog Floyd


Miley Cyrus continues to mourn the passing of her husky pup Floyd in April, but it appears that the 21-year-old singer has managed to overcome crippling depression and has moved on to celebrating Floyd’s life with the help of a tattoo artist and a group of close sympathetic “fwends” that include Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. Miley threw a house party over the 4th of July holiday, during which she, Wayne and others got a large memorial Floyd tattoo designed by Wayne himself — and Miley flooded instagram with photos of Poochapalooza!

PHOTOS Kelly Osbourne gets a tattoo… on her head!


I suppose one drawback of having a colorful mohawk is that, over time, the shaved sides of your head may start to look a little boring. That seemed to be the case in Hollywood last night as lavender-locked Fashion Police star Kelly Osbourne decided to spice up her side skull with a tattoo from Dr. Woo at the famous Shamrock Social Club! Keep reading to see photos from the inking session and find out what Kelly thought was worthy of the valuable real estate.

PHOTOS Missy and Jase Robertson’s son Reed graduates high school, gets tattoo


Tonight is the Season 6 premiere of Duck Dynasty, and one of the major events fans have to look forward to seeing this year is Missy and Jase Robertson’s oldest son Reed Robertson graduating from high school! Keep reading for photos of Reed at his graduation as well as pictures of him getting a tattoo, which caused quite the comment ruckus on instagram!

PHOTOS: All of Dean McDermott’s Tori Spelling tattoos


Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling working to save their seven-year marriage on television in the aftermath of Dean’s cheating scandal, alcoholism, and suicidal breakdown and Tori’s hospitalization. Although they tried to put up a front of perfection for many years after falling in love while they were married to other people, their more candid Lifetime […]

PHOTOS Nikkole Paulun gets logo tattoo in exchange for free tanning for life


16 & Pregnant alum Nikkole Paulun is no stranger to stirring up controversy, and the now-20-year-old mom has the Twitterverse choosing sides in a heated debate after she revealed that she recently got a tattoo of a tanning salon on her thigh in exchange for free tanning for life! Keep reading for photos of the tattoo as well as some insight into the decision to sell off part of her body for advertising purposes from Nikkole herself.

PHOTO Murder defendant concerned MURDER tattoo might hurt case


In Kansas a man facing first-degree murder charges is doing his best to petition the court to let him do something about a tattoo that he feels might influence the jury in a prejudicial manner. This might seem like an odd request except for the fact that the ink in question reads “MURDER” in massive lettering across the guy’s neck!