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47-year-old mother gives birth to first child an hour after discovering she’s pregnant

A 47-year-old mother from Beverly MA gave birth to her first child over the weekend. That would be intriguing enough, but what shocked her and got her story going viral was the additional fact that the woman had no idea she was pregnant…until about an hour before she gave birth. Read on to check out the details of the interesting case, and to see what has to be the understatement of the year from the new mother.

PHOTOS Model Robyn Lawley defends post-birth body in stretchmark photo

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Sports Illustrated model Robyn Lawley has set off a firestorm of commentary following a post-pregnancy photo she shared on Facebook. In the photo, Lawley calls her stretchmarks “bada** tiger stripes” and takes the whole notion of body shaming to task. Read on to see the Robyn Lawley stretchmark photo in question–and to read Robyn’s full criticism of the body-shaming industry.