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Stevie Ryan chronicled her extensive depression treatments, including TMS, on her mental health podcast

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Thought my TMS treatments were working but it could just be my new fine ass doctor flirting with me… A post shared by Stevie Ryan (@stevieryan) on May 22, 2017 at 8:41am PDT Saturday night comedian and pop culture commentator Stevie Ryan lost a long and hard fought battle with depression. Stevie has been very […]

Kim Kardashian contour stick collection sold out immediately, but are YouTube beauty vloggers impressed?


Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty line launch of her $48 crème contour kits (it’s honestly a bit surprising she didn’t name them “Krème Kontour Kits,” although that might have been a little too close to Krispy Kreme) sold out pretty much immediately, but are they worth trying?

Martina Adam aka Martina BIG is now a black woman

BOTCHED’s Martina BIG transitions to a black woman

On this season of Botched, viewers met Germany’s Martina Adam (aka Martina BIG). At the time that she visited Dr. Paul and Dr. Terry, Martina had the largest breast implants in Europe, and she was looking for the booty to match. It appears that grabbing attention via implants has gotten a bit blasé for Martina, though, as her most recent headline-grabbing transformation is her transition from a white woman to a black woman.

Courteney Cox gives up facial fillers: “I feel better because I look like myself”

UCLA Institute of The Environment and Sustainability celebrates Innovators For A Healthy Planet

Featuring: Courteney Cox
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 13 Mar 2017
Credit: FayesVision/

Hollywood is always on a quest for the impossible: to stay forever young. In many ways celebrities reflect and influence aging anxieties for the rest of the population. The quest for perfection and time reversal can lead to a dark spiral of chasing after illusions. 53-year-old Friends alum Courteney Cox knows this cycle all too well, and has opted to step out of it.

MY 600 LB LIFE Zsalynn continues fight against ‘depression’ as weight loss approaches 400 pounds

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The last time viewers got a My 600 Lb Life Zsalynn Whitworth update, the 45-year-old mother was doing unbelievably with her weight loss, but struggling with the emotional side of things. Though Zsalynn’s first episode aired in 2014, she also participated in a “Where Are They Now?” special last spring. In it, she revealed that […]

MY 600 LB LIFE Brittani Fulfer ‘close’ to weight loss goal, stunning in newest reveal pics

My 600 Lb Life Brittani 2

As you can tell from just the photo above, Brittani Fulfer has come a very, very long way from her first appearance on My 600 Lb Life. Her episode, which depicted an absolutely miserable person even by the show’s standards, was notable for Brittani’s painfully vivid descriptions of herself: both in body and in self-esteem. […]