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Jhonni Blaze suicide attempt 2

LHH Houston cast member Jhonni Blaze hospitalized following suicide attempt

Two new reports bring troubling news of a Jhonni Blaze suicide attempt from Houston, possibly while Blaze was in the middle of filming scenes for her forthcoming series Love & Hip Hop Houston. Though details remain slim, read on to find out what’s being reported so far, and to see what might be a social media response from Jhonni herself.

Why did Sas get shot? LHHATL star released from hospital, but questions remain

Why did Sas get shot 1

Why did Sas get shot? Just days after the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star shocked fans with a social media update from his hospital bed, the 23-year-old is out and about, seemingly none the worse for wear. Sas has since shared further updates on his condition, claiming that his doctors called him a “Walking miracle” for his quick recovery from a head wound. But why was he shot in the first place? Read on for the latest!

LHHATL Sas gunshot photos: Cast member hospitalized with major head wound

LHHATL Sas gunshot photos 1

The latest update on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members and brothers Scrapp DeLeon and Sas comes as quite a shock. According to the man himself, the LHHATL Sas gunshot rumors are true: Sas took to his Instagram page earlier today to let fans know that he’d been shot in the head late Saturday night! Fortunately, it looks like Sas will make a full recovery–read on for details, plus Sas’ message to his fans.

Moniece Slaughter health scare: LHHH star hospitalized after multiple strokes

Moniece Slaughter health scare 1

An unexpected Moniece Slaughter health scare has led the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star to take to social media with a powerful anti-smoking message. It turns out that Moniece was recently hospitalized several times, following a series of strokes that she suffered while trying to quit smoking. Read on to see the shocking photo of Moniece in a breathing mask, and to read her own frightening recollection of what she’s been through…

Big Ang cancer update 3

Mob Wives’ Big Ang offers new cancer update, reunion special tidbits

It’s been a rough few weeks for Mob Wives‘ Angela Raiola, but the latest Big Ang cancer update offers some good news for the ailing reality TV star. Ang and her family have been largely silent since announcing that her cancer had advanced to stage four, but recently took to Twitter to share a series of brief updates. There’s also a handful of new reports from the Mob Wives final reunion special taping–read on for the details.

Big Ang cancer treatment: Chemotherapy ‘not working’ for Stage 4 brain and lung tumors

Big Ang cancer treatment 2

Unfortunately, it looks like the Big Ang cancer treatment rumors are true. According to a GoFundMe page set up by her family, the Mob Wives star’s cancer has returned, and Ang is back in the hospital. Chemotherapy is reportedly not doing much to fight back Big Ang’s brain and lung cancer, and she’s asking fans to help pay for alternative treatment in any way they can.

REPORT Lamar Odom suffers setback, will spend Christmas in the hospital

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian
Casio's Shock the World 2010 event at The Manhattan Center - Red Carpet

Featuring: Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian
Where: New York City, United States
When: 02 Aug 2010

Though Lamar Odom’s overall prognosis is still good, it appears a Lamar Odom setback is affecting the former NBA star in his ongoing recovery from a seizure and drug overdose. While recent reports stated that Lamar Odom expected to leave the hospital soon, the most recent claims state that he’ll have to spend Christmas in his hospital bed–though Odom will be surrounded by family. Read on for the latest.

Khloe Kardashian offers Lamar Odom recovery update and timetable

Lamar Odom recovery 1

Khloe Kardashian has offered a brutally honest Lamar Odom recovery update, sharing with fans the latest news about how Odom is doing in the wake of October’s drug overdose and seizure, in light of recent reports that the former NBA star is preparing to leave the hospital. Read on for the latest details–including a potential recovery timetable.