Body Issues

Facebook defends “feeling fat” status in wake of petition


Social network giant Facebook is catching some heat for having “fat” as one of their how are you feeling status updates. Non-profit organization Endangered Bodies has started a petition hoping to get Facebook to remove the emoji which features embarrassed rosy cheeks, a puffy circumference and even a double chin. Get Facebook’s statement on the emoji and let us know what you think about the hubbub.

VIDEO Dr. Drew’s daughter Paulina Pinsky discusses 7-year battle with eating disorders


Dr. Drew’s 21-year-old daughter Paulina Pinsky penned an amazing piece about her own struggles with anorexia and bulimia and her work is now garnering national attention. Read the heartfelt piece in full, see an insightful interview with Paulina that aired today on CNN and read what her father had to say about her opening up.

Why is Lena Dunham always naked on Girls?


Lena Dunham is often naked on her HBO series Girls, and a lot of people have a lot of opinions about that. Recently, the issue of Lena’s on-screen skin came to a head when The Wrap reporter Tim Molloy asked Lena and her producer Judd Apatow about it during a Television Critics Association panel. Why is Lena naked a lot of the time? Why does it even matter?

Bethenny Frankel gives advice on how to prevent children from developing food and body issues


Bethenny Frankel, who is building an empire based on her “Skinnygirl” concept, has been open about her own struggles with disordered eating, which she feels was partly caused by her own mother’s obsession with body and food. Find out how she plans to break that cycle with Brynn.

VIDEO Heidi Montag has breast implant removal surgery, regrets F cups


Heidi Montag recently went under the knife yet again, but this time it was to reduce the size of her breasts from an F cup to a more manageable D cup. She invited cameras into the surgery room and discussed her many health problems stemming from her enhancements and the regrets she has about having wrapped her self worth around her breast size. See the clip as well as a before and after photo and get Heidi’s advice to women considering getting augmentations as large as she did.

Fit mom defends “What’s your excuse?” Facebook photo post


California mother-of-three, Maria Kang, has received a mountain of criticism after a photo she posted on Facebook went viral that shows her very fit physique along with her three young children and the tag “What’s your excuse?” Get her #SorryNotSorry response to a cavalcade of critics accusing her of fat shaming as well as her reply to supporters.