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Jenelle Evans and Tori Rhyne

PHOTOS Jenelle Evans and friend Tori Rhyne suffer gruesome facial injuries

What happened?! Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans had to get stitches on her chin after a fall this weekend, although she said she can’t remember the specifics of it. To make matters even more complicated, Jenelle initially shared the photo along with one of BFF Tori displaying a black eye. (Warning: Graphic photos included.)

Tila Tequila is real life Blindspot, challenges fans to decipher ‘secret map’ of tattoos


Tila Tequila revealed that her tattoos, including her famous dragon back tattoo, are actually a “secret map”…and she is challenging aspiring Tila Tecryptographers to figure it out! Keep reading to see her full post; photos of her tattoos; and a video clip of her getting her dragon tattoo, in which she explains what it symbolizes and what the Arabic phrase underneath says.

Kim Kardashian Fat Shaming 2

Kim Kardashian fires back at fat shaming critics with jokes about her ‘fat arms and fat a**’

The ongoing Kim Kardashian fat shaming controversy reached an interesting new point this week, as Kim herself shared some comments aimed at her detractors. Specifically, she tried to deflate the whole matter by referring to her “fat arms and fat a**” in a new interview. In addition, Khloe Kardashian offered a couple of jokes about the ongoing controversy–read on to see what Kim’s sister thinks of all this.

All the Jane Doe Blindspot tattoo photos we could find


Tonight is the series premiere of NBC’s new Blindspot, which stars actress Jaimie Alexander as a Jane Doe who turns up in Times Square completely naked, with no memory of her past, and covered head to toe in tattoos. These intricate tattoos turn out to be a series of cryptic clues that the FBI follows to uncover a vast conspiracy of crime. Since Blindspot promises to be this year’s version of True Detective, as far as home viewer sleuthing and conspiracy theorizing goes, I thought I would compile all the photos I could of Jane Doe’s tattoos, as well as some clues from show producers. Keep reading to check them all out and watch the trailer!

Kendall Jenner admits nipple piercing, says she knew about Caitlyn’s transition ‘since she was a kid’

Kendall Jenner nipple piercing 1

It’s a double dose of Jenner news, as the rumors of the Kendall Jenner nipple piercing have been confirmed by none other than the supermodel herself. In addition, a new Kendall Jenner interview in Women’s Wear Daily sheds light on how much Kendall knew about Caitlyn’s desires for a transition–and when she knew those things.