Twitter Battles

Brandi Glanville suggests preteen son ask about date’s virginity

Real Housewife and noted wine connoisseur Brandi Glanville managed to whip up some controversy on Twitter recently–and it had nothing to do with LeAnn Rimes! Brandi shared a list of details she feels her 12-year-old son should know about his girlfriend in order to be a good boyfriend. Everything seemed innocent enough until folks got to item #6…

Meek Mill calls out Drake on Twitter, apologizes onstage to Nicki Minaj

It’s been a Twitter feud apocalypse this week after Nicki Minaj’s MTV VMA snub! Joining Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in the fracas, albeit on a different tangent, is Nicki’s boyfriend Meek Mill, who called out Drake for not writing his own music! Keep reading to see Meek’s tweets and Drake’s response, plus watch a video clip of Meek’s eventual apology while on stage with Nicki.

Brandi Glanville pals around with LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband Dean Sheremet

My absolute favoritist celebrity Twitter war just took another wonderfully strange twist as Brandi Glanville just so happened to tweet out about palling around with Dean Sheremet. This means that Glanville not so subtly let everyone know that she’s buddies with her ex-husband’s wife’s ex-husband! Read her tweet and then her f-bomb response to an avalanche of #TeamLeAnn not-so-happy reactions. MEOW!!!

Who you got in the current Jimmy Kimmel vs. Kanye West war?

We got ourselves a new rap war, sort of! Jimmy Kimmel featured a sketch in which he had kids reenact Kanye West’s infamous BBC interview. Kanye West didn’t take too kindly to the show making fun of Kanye West and dude went off on a serious ALL CAPS Twitter rant. See the skit, see Kanye’s TWEETS OF ANGER, catch Jimmy’s response from his monologue last night as well as his own Twitter replies. Oh, it’s on!

LeAnn Rimes Twitter slams Brandi Glanville again because she’s been “silenced too long”

LeAnn Rimes has taken it upon her tweeting self to take a passive-aggressive shot at Brandi Glanville again which led to a long defense of her actions to random people calling her out on it. Read LeAnn’s latest diatribe in which she actually argued that “she’s been silenced too long,” and get Brandi’s lack of a reply, reply.