PHOTOS Who are Alan Thicke’s wives? Complete list for the Unusually Thicke star

Who are Alan Thicke's wives 1

Who are Alan Thicke’s wives? It’s a common question–and understandably so, given the esteemed Canadian’s long and active life onscreen…and his even longer, more active love life. As his hit reality-sitcom Unusually Thicke readies its new season, we’ve put together a list of Alan Thicke’s wives for your perusal, complete with photos and bios for each.

Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera reportedly joining Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3

Did Waka cheat on Tammy Rivera? LHHATL star appears to confirm misdeeds

Did Waka cheat on Tammy Rivera? Now that the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars’ divorce has been confirmed by both parties, fans are wondering about what, exactly, led to the split. Tammy first let out news of the separation on social media just a few weeks ago; shortly after that, it was alleged that Waka’s “cheating ways” were behind things. Now, Waka himself has spoken up–and he’s not concerned with saving face!

Waka and Tammy divorce update: LHHATL stars allegedly broken up by his cheating ways

Waka and Tammy divorce 2

The sudden news of the Waka and Tammy divorce has raised many questions about the couple: Are Waka and Tammy still together? Why are they splitting up? And is anyone else responsible for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars’ pending separation? We have a few more answers than earlier this week, when news of the split ripped through the LHHATL fan community like a Cardi B insult gone viral; read on for the latest, including an apology from the woman who Waka allegedly kept on the side, as well as Tammy’s insistence that no one knows the truth.

Joseline and Stevie J shade the ever-loving hell out of each other in LHHATL meltdown

Joseline and Stevie J 2

If you thought there might be a chance that Joseline and Stevie J would get back together, you might want to turn away from this nuclear-scale explosion. Otherwise, look away! The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars–and former lovers, if you can believe that they ever even liked each other–took their breakup wa-a-a-y past hostility this week, and seem to be determined to figure out which one of them can best insult the other. Read on for enough shade to last you all summer long!