Chelsea Clinton Webster Hubbell dad real father

REPORT Chelsea Clinton paternity test inconclusive. Is Webster Hubbell her father?

In this week’s issue of The National Enquirer, the tabloid claims that after an “exhaustive investigation” it¬†obtained the results of a DNA test that leaves open the possibility that Bill Clinton may not be Chelsea Clinton’s biological dad. The new report adds fuel to a rumor fire started last year when it was reported that Webster Hubbell, the former mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, is her real father.

Wife of Kenya Moore’s Millionaire Matchmaker fiance spills the beans


Jaimi Gregory Freeman, the wife of Kenya Moore’s Millionaire Matchmaker boyfriend (and rumored fiance) James Freeman, reveals that her husband and Kenya only dated a couple times after taping their episode back in September. She says of Kenya’s recent comments that she and James were still dating, and the posting of a photo of her hand with a huge sparkly ring on her ring finger earlier this month (along with the caption, Anything can happen in Vegas) was all just a “publicity stunt.” Keep reading for more tea from Jaimi, including details on her whirlwind romance with James that resulted in their wedding in early April!


PROPOSALGATE Jenelle and Nathan’s hotel rooms WERE paid for by MTV

Teen Mom 2 couple Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are currently on a Caribbean vacation during which Nathan made headlines when he proposed to Jenelle with a rather sizable diamond ring. Meanwhile, back here on the mainland, Jenelle truthers have been emphatically insisting that the tropical vacay and proposal (and even the ring) may have actually been paid for by MTV, and not Nathan, as Jenelle has stated. It appears as though we can chalk up a small victory for the Jenelle truthers as their diligent efforts have revealed that MTV did in fact pay for the couple’s hotel rooms on the trip.

60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft’s affair with lawyer Livan Goines exposed in racy detail


60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft famously landed the very first interview with Hilary and Bill Clinton after allegations of infidelity emerged during Clinton’s 1992 Presidential campaign, but now the tables have turned as Kroft is on the hot seat facing allegations of adultery after a new National Enquirer cover story reveals racy details and elicit text messages between him and mistress Lisan Goines, a Harvard-educated attorney. Keep reading for Kroft’s statement confirming the affair, some excerpts of the text messages and information on Kroft’s married mistress!

Michael Phelps’ girlfriend reveals she was born intersex, was charged with extortion

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In a soul-baring post on Facebook, Olympian Michael Phelps’ girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler revealed why she wanted to keep their relationship a secret: she was born an intersex child named David Roy Fitch. She goes on to describe her incredibly tumultuous teenage years culminating in being charged with extortion after blackmailing people for money for surgery.

Uncle Poodle’s fiance Alan describes Mama June and molester Mark McDaniel’s vacation tryst


Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Uncle Poodle’s fiance Alan Stevenson shares a VERY detailed account of Mama June Shannon’s alleged vacation tryst with ex Mark McDaniel, who was convicted of molesting June’s daughter Anna when she was eight years old. Plus, Uncle Poodle continue to feud and hurl accusations at each other on Facebook prior to their interviews with Dr. Phil this week.