Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Kate Major Lohan mug shot photos

Kate Major arrested for drunken assault of Michael Lohan, Michael blames Dina Lohan

The drama continues for the Lohan family as Lindsay’s step-mom Kate Major Lohan was arrested Thursday evening after allegedly being intoxicated and attacking husband Michael Lohan. Michael has since shared his side of what happened, revealing that Kate falling off the wagon and the resulting assault was all the result of his ex-wife Dina Lohan suing for child support.

VIDEOS ‘Watch Me Date’ Google Glass YouTube series may be the future of reality TV


The reality television explosion over the past decade has changed the entire landscape of the industry. Thanks in large part to the low cost of production, cable networks have been able to create an unprecedented amount of new, original programming with little financial risk, all in hopes of capturing lightning in a bottle with a concept and cast that resonate with viewers. Now that process may be even easier and cheaper as a new dating web series takes the next step in the evolution of inexpensive content generation by eliminating the on-location production crew altogether! Keep reading to check out Watch Me Date and get a glimpse of what reality TV may look like in a just a couple years.