Jenelle Eason denies pregnancy rumors with flat tummy pic

Jenelle Evans pregnant baby bump photo February 2018

Every few weeks there is a photo (or photos) of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason posted online that inspires someone to comment that she looks like she has a baby bump, which in turn inspires a cavalcade of articles speculating whether or not Jenelle is pregnant again. That was the case last week after Jenelle posted photos from her daughter Ensley’s first birthday party, and she has since taken to social media in hopes of putting the rumors to rest with a flat tummy pic.

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Things have gotten pretty strange in the world of the woman who was once Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s biggest star. Joseline Hernandez’s hairdresser claims Joseline is “broke AF” and a regular cocaine abuser — and that she still owes him money to the tune of $400. Then, when she clapped back, he brought his receipts.

Did Kylie Jenner name her baby girl Butterfly?

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Melania and Donald certainly seem like two people headed for a divorce

Melania and Donald Trump have never seemed more distant from one another or less concerned about how that distance comes across via the cameras recording their every move. Now, thanks to the ongoing Stormy Daniels fallout and Melania’s near-constant swatting of Donald’s hands, the two have spawned an entire subgenre of journalism dedicated to chronicling what seems like their inevitable divorce.