EXCLUSIVE Dr. Jenn Mann on new boyfriend, return of The Dr. Jenn Show, Couples Therapy Season 6

2015 looks to be quite the year for Dr. Jenn Mann. In addition to her usual packed schedule that includes being a licensed psychotherapist, sports psychology consultant, television host, author, speaker, radio host, entrepreneur, and mother of twins, Dr. Jenn is also taking on one of humanity’s greatest challenges: a relationship! Keep reading for our interview with Dr. Jenn in which she reveals how she and her new man — fellow author, speaker, and entrepreneur Eric Schiffer — met, and what fans can expect when her SiriusXM radio show returns on a new channel this week and Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn returns for a new season later this year.

PHOTOS Who is Farrah Abraham’s new boyfriend? Plus, her lips are all healed!


Farrah Abraham, who is famously the only cast member in the history of Couples Therapy to show up alone, looks like she may be turning her love life around in 2015! See the latest photos of Farrah and her new mystery man getting romantic in New York City as well as pictures of Farrah’s healed lip from her appearance at Long Island’s The Scene strip club Saturday night!

Woman stuck in chimney of ex-boyfriend’s home rescued, arrested


A California woman stuck in a chimney was freed and then arrested after it was discovered she was trying to illegally enter the home of a man whom she had been dating. Get the reaction from the homeowner (this wasn’t her first Santa fail) who said he had been on about 6 dates with the woman he met online before recently calling things off.

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Do you have a Katy Perry fan on your Christmas list and want to get him or her something really special and unique? How about a couple of love letters written by Katy when she was 11 years old to a boy named Christopher Villar, whom she met at summer camp and liked “alot?” They are currently up for auction and they are just as flawlessly cute as you would imagine 11-year-old Katy Perry love (or crush) letters to be, including stickers!

Drunk and handcuffed couple get it on in back of cop car


A Wisconsin couple didn’t allow a little thing like being in custody in the back seat of a police cruiser (with one of them in handcuffs no less) to stop them from bumping uglies. Included in this true crime story; Open Busch Light cans, handcuffs, probation, underbritches around ankles and a needle in a purse that was “used to shoot up meth with.”

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On the Return To Amish Reunion Special Abe’s sister Katie Ann Schmucker shocked viewers (and host Michelle Beadle) when she revealed that she is leaving to Amish to move in with her boyfriend and… join the rodeo?!? Keep reading to meet Katie Ann’s cowbeau Leroy and get our suggestions for the inevitable Katie Ann and Mary Schmucker spin-off!

Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind finds new love with Jessica Nicole

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind Jessica Nicole

South Dakota Speed Racer Adam Lind has quickly moved on from his relationship with Taylor Halbur as he’s found new love with girlfriend Jessica Nicole. See pics of Adam’s new gal, some rather racy texts between the two and find out just how head over heels she is for the Teen Mom 2 baby daddy including hints that they’re already living together as well as her baby fever!