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VIDEO PHOTOS Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein #MyCalvins ad campaign

Justin Bieber has been posing in his Calvin Klein underwear for years, so it’s about time the global superstar got paid for it! Today the clothing brand released the first official photos and even a video from their new #MyCalvins ad campaign featuring The Biebs in all his tatted black-and-white glory sporting snug fitting CK underwear and/or jeans.


PHOTOS VIDEO Slednecks’ Dylan ‘El Tornado’ Burgess is the hottest thing in Alaska

Slednecks Dylan

When the roads of Anchorage, Alaska get covered in ice and snow they don’t need salt and plows, they just call Slednecks hottie Dylan “El Tornado” Burgess and have him walk down the street! Actually, they would probably put his professional dancing skills to good use and have him salsa instead. Keep reading to see more of MTV’s future break-out heartthrob, including a video of him showing off his freestyle dance moves!

PHOTOS Justin Bieber rides with David Hasselhoff in KITT car from Knight Rider


It appears that Justin Bieber has finally figured out how to not only avoid getting into any more legal trouble, but also how to avoid pretty much any and all criticisms: just buddy up with The Hoff! And just in case that wasn’t enough, he buddied up with The Hoff in K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider!!! Keep reading to see the unmentionables-tossing-worthy pics and find out what brought these three famous sexy thangs together.