Crimes of Photoshop


Lindsay Lohan Photoshops Instagram photo to the extreme

In addition to following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps in trying to “break the internet” with a sexy photo last week, Lindsay Lohan is also apparently taking inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s rather infamous Instagram Photoshopping skills. In January, Lindsay shared a thong selfie in which it was obvious that she made herself thinner via photo editing, and just hours ago she shared another photo of herself on Instagram with an even more egregious use of Photoshop in an effort to enhance her badonkadonk.


Did Lindsay Lohan Photoshop her thong selfie? Could it land her in jail?

Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity being accused of Photoshopping a selfie posted to Instagram, but getting busted trying to make herself look thinner may be the least of her worries as the light-heartedly captioned photo seems to undermine her justification for not completing her court-ordered community service. She goes before a judge next week, and if her excuse doesn’t hold up, she could be headed back to jail! Keep reading to see the Photo shared by Lindsay as well as what the photo looks like with the perspective corrected on the background. Plus get the details on Lindsay’s most recent legal woes.

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Justin Bieber CK Ad TN

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to be featured as an underwear model for Calvin Klein. The once young and innocent pop sensation has grown up to become a tattooed sex symbol. At least that’s what Calvin Klein wants you to believe. A new, pre-photoshopped picture has been released and you won’t believe the difference. Check it out!