Bitter Feuds


Gypsy Sisters Mellie and Nettie Stanley’s feud gets nasty

It is often the case that off-screen drama from reality show cast members is more over-the-top than what viewers see on screen, and I don’t think there’s another show on television where that is more the case than TLC’s Gypsy Sisters. Keep reading for the latest jaw-dropping Mellie Stanley Facebook meltdown after alleged screen-capped messages between her sibling co-star Nettie Stanley and a Gypsy Sisters gossip page surface online suggesting Nettie had been leaking information about Mellie and other family members.

UPDATE - Nettie has since taken to Facebook to respond in kind and at length.

Alleged text messages between Adam Lind and Brooke Beaton back up his story


Screen caps of alleged text conversations between Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind, his ex Brooke Beaton, friends, and family appear to back up Adam’s account of what happened leading up to his arrest earlier this week and the restraining order later filed against him by Brooke. Keep reading for a synopsis of the conversations as well as details about what actually happened from “a source close to Adam.”

VIDEO Danielle Staub reacts to Teresa Giudice sentencing: “I love you girl. You got this.”


In what I’m sure was more like a slap in the face than a comfort, Teresa Giudice’s former Real Housewives of New Jersey nemesis Danielle Staub offered up her words of support for Teresa during an Access Hollywood Live interview earlier today. She also had a message for Teresa’s daughter Gia from her daughter Christine.

Gypsy Sisters Sheena Small continues feud with Nettie Stanley and Joann Wells


Former Gypsy Sisters co-stars Nettie Stanley and Sheena Small continued their EPIC Facebook feud today — or at least Sheena did. Keep reading for the latest installments of the “Sheena Soapbox Show” that includes allegations of pocket book theft, slandering of the Gypsy culture, adultery in a CiCi’s Pizza freezer, and the posting of graphic photos of “Virginias.”