Bitter Feuds

Mariah Carey’s brother says ‘witch’ won’t help dying sister


Morgan Carey, the older brother of pop superstar Mariah Carey, is accusing his famous sibling of abandoning their dying sister, Alison. Morgan, the eldest of the three Carey children, had an incredible number of unkind things to say about Mariah–including that “She probably spends more on dog food than it would cost to make sure her sister gets properly cared for.”

Kail Lowry mocks Jenelle Evans’ mystery illness, Jenelle posts Kail’s phone #, etc.


The fallout between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her co-stars continues as Kailyn Lowry used a bit of insomnia as a reason to make fun of Jenelle Evans’ mystery illness that eventually led to her appearance on The Doctors for a diagnosis. As Ron Burgundy would say, things escalated quickly after that.

Mob Wives finale: Karen and Drita feud explodes after episode airs

Mob Wives finale 4

Last night’s Mob Wives finale featured yet another blowout fight between Karen and Drita–and, when the episode was over, the pair took to social media to continue their long feud. Suffice it to say that neither woman is likely to have the other on any of the rumored Mob Wives spinoffs….Read on to see what went down!

Brittany Fogarty Mob Wives 2

Mob Wives’ Brittany Fogarty blows up Twitter as feud with Karen Gravano intensifies

The Brittany Fogarty Mob Wives tenure has been brief, but certainly not without drama! Brittany and Drita D’Avanzo made headlines this week when they teamed up in Drita’s ongoing Twitter feud with Karen Gravanzo; now, though Drita’s pulled back somewhat, Brittany continues to slam Karen for what she says are outright lies. How did this beef get started, and where’s it headed? Read on for the latest!

Mob Wives: Drita and Karen Twitter fight explodes following Big Ang funeral accusations

Drita and Karen Twitter war 2

The ongoing Drita and Karen Twitter fight just went full-blown nuclear! The two have disagreed for days over what was and wasn’t requested of Karen Gravano during last week’s funeral for Big Ang; now, both women decided to let their feud go very public…and very malicious. Read on to see exactly what Karen says Drita accused her of, and why Drita’s teaming up with new cast member Brittany Fogarty to try and set the record straight!

HUGE Teen Mom 2 feud erupts between Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Dr. Randy Houska


Teen Mom 2 doesn’t kick off its seventh season until March 21, but impatient fans don’t have to wait for the on-screen drama, as pretty much the entire cast is currently involved in a HUGE Twitter feud! Keep reading to check out all the tweets ‘n’ deets — most of which have since been deleted.

Kanye West GOES OFF on Wiz Khalifa after Waves album title comments


After fellow hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa criticized the name of his new album, Kanye West has been on an 18-hour Twitter tirade lambasting Wiz, his music, his child, and everything else–except his pants. Keep reading for a comprehensive timeline of the entire Kanye and Wiz Twitter feud, beginning with Kanye’s album title change announcement, and ending with Ye’s most recent tweet moments ago.