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Mystery reality star pregnant January 10 2015

Reality star announces pregnancy with “too much pizza” baby bump instagram photo

An A-list reality star announced she is pregnant this week by posting an instagram photo of her baby bump along with the caption, “too much pizza.” See if you can guess the mom to be with just these hints:

• She was raised in West Virginia, but spent her high school years in Key West

• She gave birth to her daughter Josephine on June 29, 2005.

• Her daughter Josephine is more commonly known by her nickname, which is a reference to Josephine’s dad

• Before achieving reality show fame, she was the host of the TV show Three Wide Life

• She had two high-profile on-screen romances that resulted in engagements, but neither worked out

• She married her current husband in June of 2014

• She and her husband and daughter currently live near Charlotte, North Carolina

And the answer is…

Which actress and reality star just announced she is pregnant on instagram?


Can you guess which actress and reality star just announced she is pregnant with a fun instagram photo holding a positive Clearblue pregnancy test? Here are some hints to help you out:

• This will be her second child

• She wasn’t born in America

• She was born July 6, 1978

• She did not lose her virginity until she was 29

• She has a famous twin

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