Basketball Wives Season 7 2

Tami Roman may quit Basketball Wives Season 7 and do a “Bonnet Chronicles” show instead

The first of the OGs is gone! Tami Roman has apparently quit Basketball Wives ahead of filming for Season 7, saying she’s “outgrown” the show. But she might not have outgrown TV altogether–as a string of recent updates indicates, she might be angling for her own “Bonnet Chronicles”-based series…

Framed? Rose McGowan says drugs were planted, arrest was a set-up


Today, Rose McGowan turned herself in on drug charges. After her release on bail, she and her lawyer spoke with The New Yorker‘s Ronan Farrow about how they believe the drugs could have been planted. The article makes a connection between McGowan’s airport experience and tweets she made months before the incidence about being raped by a then-unnamed “studio head.”