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Trooper saves mom choking on seat belt after 3-year-old slipped out of car seat


An alert Florida state trooper rescued a woman who was choking on a seat belt after she got entangled while trying to get her 3-year-old daughter fastened back into her car seat. The strange incident occurred while the family was returning home after a Thanksgiving dinner. Get details on how she became trapped and Trooper Brad Wagner’s heroic actions.

Florida principal suspended after “regretful” unannounced active shooter drill


A Florida middle school principal has been suspended after a decision to administer an unannounced lock down drill that had the school’s SRO officer and a patrol officer going door to door brandishing firearms. The incident drew national attention and a tidal wave of criticism as a number of students were said to have been terribly frightened by the armed men – believing that they were under siege and claiming that during the procedure guns were pointed directly at them. Get statements from the local police chief, the school board and outraged parents about the incident.

PHOTOS Florida State student finds library shooter bullet in his backpack


Shortly after midnight last night, a gunman opened fire in a library at Florida State University, wounding three students before the shooter was killed by police. Another student is lucky he wasn’t one of those wounded, or even killed, after he discovered one of the gunman’s bullets lodged in his backpack after puncturing two books he had just checked out from the library.