What language do the Amish speak?

One of the best parts of Breaking Amish (reunion special part 1 airs tonight at 10 EST) is when they start speaking to each other in their own special language. It doesn’t leave out the audience because there are always subtitles, but it’s pretty interesting to hear this different language people speak in pockets of the US. Sometimes the words seem familiar to English words, and that’s because they are both Germanic languages So, what is this language?

HBO’s movie about autistic Temple Grandin sweeps the 2010 Emmys

The HBO movie Temple Grandin staring Claire Danes swept the 2010 Emmy Awards in almost all movie and mini-series categories. Every acceptance speech included mention of Temple, who was in the audience wearing her signature flashy cowgirl shirt and western belt buckle and she proudly stood up almost every time. She was even able to […]