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My 600 Lb Life deaths: What happened to Henry Foots from Season 1?

My 600 Lb Life deaths 1

Despite the popular belief that there’ve been several My 600 Lb Life deaths, over its five full seasons only one of the show’s cast members has died. That man is Texan Henry Foots, whose mild-mannered determination and sweet disposition made him the show’s first fan favorite when his episode aired all the way back in […]

I AM HOMICIDE Detective Garry McFadden shares bio, reveals show secrets in new Q&A

Detective Garry McFadden 2

Investigation Discovery’s hit I Am Homicide recently debuted its Season 2 premiere to strong ratings and great fanfare. As we recently wrote, the second season of the show will be longer than the first by at least one episode, and possibly by several more–so fans of Detective Garry McFadden have a lot to look forward […]

Naked and Afraid PSR 2

NAKED AND AFRAID Who has the all-time highest PSR? The lowest? Survival data galore

The Naked and Afraid PSR (or “Primitive Survival Rating,” for the uninitiated) is basically the show’s answer to endless reams of sports statistics. It’s a somewhat objective method of measuring how prepared the show’s participants are to go out into the wild for three weeks before they leave and then, after for the fact, of […]

Why doesn’t Stan Zuray’s wife Kathleen join the Yukon Men cast?

Stan Zuray's wife

Kathleen Zuray, Stan Zuray’s wife on Discovery’s Yukon Men, has become something of a fixture for a group of the show’s (and, specifically, Stan’s) fans. Not because of anything she’s done on the show–in fact, it’s for quite the opposite reason. Thanks to Stan’s legendary stature and commanding presence, Kathleen’s near-total absence–to date, we’ve only […]