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How many kids and baby mamas does Stevie J have? Complete list for LHHATL star

Are Stevie J and Joseline getting married 2

How many kids does Stevie J have? And with how many different women? The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is well-known for his prolific ways. And, given that his most recent plotline involves a potential surprise child he had with Cierra Washington two years ago, the numbers should come as no surprise to viewers. Read on for a full rundown of Stevie J’s children, including photos of each!

Can OJ Simpson be tried again with new evidence?

The site of O.J. SIMPSON's alleged hotel heist is to be recreated in the basement of Clark County Court in Nevada, where the former sports star is on trial for kidnapping and armed robbery. To save the judge and jury in the case from a trip to the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas, where Simpson and five associates allegedly burst in on sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong and a business partner and demanded the return of stolen goods while wielding guns, the suite is coming to them. Skilled crime scene reconstruction workers have built an exact replica of the room in the courthouse's basement, so that jury members can get a feel of what happened last September (07) shortly before Simpson and his posse were arrested. Simpson and an associate, Charles Stewart, face life imprisonment if they're convicted. Both have pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and armed robbery. (IG/WNWA/KL)

O.J. Simpson
arrives at the Clark County Court House
Las Vegas, Nevada - 18.09.08

Where: United States
When: 18 Sep 2008
Credit: Judy Eddy / WENN

Can OJ Simpson be tried again with new evidence? The question came up earlier this year, thanks to the revelation that a knife had been found on OJ’s former Brentwood property–and it’s being raised once more, thanks to the 22nd anniversary of Nicole Brown and Andrew Goldman’s murders, and the slew of OJ-related television programming that’s aired of late.

What does Orange is the New Black mean? The show’s title, explained


What does Orange is the New Black mean? The most popular show on Netflix is set to return with a highly anticipated Season Four, and OITNB Seasons 5, 6, and 7 were all greenlit by the streaming giant last fall. Its enormous success, though, seems to have obscured some of the show’s origins, and given rise to several questions about its name–and about its future.

Who is Cherie Barber 3

Who is Cherie Barber? Australian house flipper becomes HGTV’s latest hit

The breakaway success of HGTV’s Five Day Flip has many viewers wondering, “Who is Cherie Barber?” But international viewers are no stranger to Barber’s quick-flipping ways, as Barber has been a fixture in Australia for years. The newest member of HGTV’s celebrity house flipping stable is Australian-born, has flipped houses in the English-speaking world for nearly two decades, and rose to prominence as the Renovating For Profit expert on Australian lifestyle programme The Living Room.

PHOTOS How did Dorinda Medley’s husband die?

Dorinda Medley's husband 3

Dorinda Medley’s husband Richard was, by all accounts, a kind and generous man, a loving husband and father, and a success at his business. But how did Richard Medley die? Dorinda isn’t reluctant to bring him up on The Real Housewives of New York, or her affiliated blog, but does so rarely, leaving many fans to look elsewhere for clues.

PHOTOS What do Vanilla Ice’s knuckle tattoos say?

What do Vanilla Ice's knuckle tattoos say 1

What do Vanilla Ice’s knuckle tattoos say? The ink has become as infamous as the man himself, thanks in large part to the unexpected popularity of his new DIY Network show The Vanilla Ice Project, in which the Iceman flips homes for fun and profit. And, as it turns out, it’s easy enough to tell what the knuckle tats say–but what on earth do they mean?

Are the Flip or Flop auctions real? Tarek and Christina explain how their HGTV hit works

Are the Flip or Flop auctions real 1

Are the Flip or Flop auctions real? We’ve addressed the question of the show’s overall veracity, but fans of HGTV’s gi-normous hit still want to know about the auction portion of each episode. How do Flip or Flop‘s economics work? Read on for a breakdown from none other than Tarek El Moussa himself!