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Is Vikings historically accurate 3

Is History’s show Vikings historically accurate?

Is Vikings historically accurate? The hugely popular History series is about to air its new season, and more folks are talking about it than ever before. The one question that seems to follow Vikings around like a curse, though, is also the simplest: is Vikings historically accurate? During the show’s run, experts have given Vikings fairly high marks for getting a lot of little things right–though, of course, there are exceptions. To find out what’s what, read on!

Is The Fosters doing a musical episode? Cast thoughts on and spoilers for upcoming experiment

The Fosters musical episode 3

Inklings of rumors about a Fosters musical episode have been trickling ’round the net ever since the cast started to do publicity for the second half of The Fosters Season Three. Thanks to that publicity–and some handy social media updates–we now have a fair idea of just what the Fosters musical episode will contain. Warning: there are, indeed, spoilers ahead…

PHOTOS, VIDEOS Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B strips to save her own life

Cardi B bio 3

The official Cardi B bio states that “Cardi B stands firmly on the motto ‘be yourself’ and ‘never apologize for being who you are’!” The breakout star of Love & Hip Hop Season Six certainly lives by those words: her frank and unapologetic ways have made her a fan favorite, and garnered her more than a million new Instagram followers since the show began airing its sixth season. To that end, no Cardi B bio would be complete without a look at the extent to which her career as a stripper has influenced Cardi B’s life.

Kris Jenner net worth 1

What is Kris Jenner’s net worth? Momager’s alleged nine-figure fortune inspires jealousy, awe

The Kris Jenner net worth question continues to vex and amaze onlookers, thanks to the 60-year-old maven’s development of a bevy of revenue streams and branding opportunities for her family’s ubiquitous name.  The many facets of the total Kris Jenner net worth make an exact figure difficult to pin down; however, we’ve given it an honest go, and come up with a number that is, potentially, accurate…for now.

Did former Dual Survival host Joseph Teti lie about his military service?

Joe Teti military service 4

The Joe Teti military service controversy has dogged the former Dual Survival co-host for nearly three years–and now, thanks to his surprise removal from the show before the premiere of Dual Survival Season Seven, that controversy has raised its head once again. Did Joe Teti falsify part of his military service record? Is there a Joseph Teti military service controversy at all? Or can the whole thing be traced back to a simple disagreement between former colleagues?

Is Curse of Oak Island fake? Speculation grows alongside show’s popularity

Curse of Oak Island fake 1

Is Curse of Oak Island fake? History Channel’s hit reality documentary is about to conclude its third season, and brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are no closer to finding either the island’s treasure or its curse than they were all the way back in 2014–or they’re closer than ever, depending on who you ask. Oak Island has an extensive history (you might even call it a mythology at this point) and has aroused in treasure seekers the world over a heretofore unknown interest. But perhaps the biggest mystery of all for television observers is whether the show itself is a hoax.