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What is Kendall Jenner’s net worth? Model’s value explodes following Victoria’s Secret fashion show

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The Kendall Jenner net worth question is more popular than ever, thanks to her recent (and well-received) first stint as a Victoria’s Secret catwalk model. The 20-year-old’s career is taking off, and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians money continues to roll in–so, just how much is Kendall Jenner worth? And how much can she expect to earn over the next few years?

PHOTOS Everything you ever wanted to know about the Fixer Upper silos

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We’re less than two months away from a new season of Fixer Upper, which means we’re getting dangerously close to the big reveal of the Fixer Upper silos. Though the Magnolia Market silo project will feature prominently in new episodes of Fixer Upper, the official, in-person unveiling will take place over Halloween weekend. Joanna and Chipper Gaines have been sharing pictures and updates on the Fixer Upper silos’ progress for months–read on for a full recap, and a veritable smorgasbord of photos!

Kylie Jenner’s net worth explodes thanks to endorsement deals, lucrative appearance fees

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What’s Kylie Jenner’s net worth? The surprisingly high figure is bulging, thanks to Kylie Jenner’s increasingly high-profile actions. Though value was estimated at $4 million earlier this year, Kylie Jenner’s net worth has exploded since then. Read on to find out the latest estimate, and to see where all the cash is coming from.

Who is Andromeda Dunker, the narrator of House Hunters?

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The hugely popular HGTV program House Hunters has become a full-bore franchise. Since its inception, House Hunters has spawned several notable spin-offs: House Hunters International; the occasionally controversial House Hunters: Where Are They Now? follow ups; and, most recently, House Hunters: Off The Grid. The show has had three voiceover narrators, two of which are well-known…but who is Andromeda Dunker, the current narrator of House Hunters?