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Tiffany Trump One

Who is Tiffany Trump? Donald’s 21-year-old daughter steps into the spotlight

Donald Trump has five children, and four of them have been household names at some point. Now his youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, is getting ready for her own star turn. Read on to find out about Tiffany’s secluded childhood away from the rest of her family, her budding music career, and what she plans to do after graduating from the top business school in the country.


PHOTO Tila Tequila discovered Chrissy Teigen in MySpace modeling contest

Long before she became a “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” cover girl and one of this planet’s most sought-after supermodels, Chrissy Teigen was just a young girl with a dream looking for a big break. And that break would apparently come from…MySpace maven Tila Tequila?!? Keep reading to see the full, epic throwback photo and read Tila’s account of how it all happened. Plus, check out what Tila is up to these days, including getting back in the studio to record new music!