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Is the artificial light from computer screens actually bad for us?

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As the number of electronic devices available to us grows, so does the amount of evidence that those devices’ pretty, glowing screens affect us adversely, and quietly. According to the latest research, the more time you spend in front of screens–especially at night–the higher your risk for poor health. What’s the connection? Read on…

PHOTOS Hasbro’s Operation game’s Cavity Sam got a makeover


I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but Hasbro’s classic kids’ electronic surgery game Operation has given Cavity Sam a major makeover! Instead of an obese naked man with such maladies as Adam’s apple, butterflies in stomach, and funny bone, the new Cavity Sam has lost a lot of weight, put on a pair of polka dot shorts, gotten a few tattoos, apparently likes to hang out in the sunshine wearing a wife beater tank top, and now suffers from much more modern ailments like gamer’s thumb, headphone headache, and heartburn.