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Todd Chrisley net worth update

Todd Chrisley allegedly still in multi-million-dollar debt, skipped tax payments for years

Todd Chrisley remains one of the most popular figures in all reality TV-dom, but the single best-known fact about him remains the $45 million bankruptcy claim he filed in 2012. At the time, the Chrisleys lived in a 30,000 square foot mansion in the Atlanta suburbs and spent $300,000 per year on clothing; they have, […]

Here’s how much it would cost to look like Kylie Jenner

How much does Kylie Jenner's plastic surgery cost 1

She’s got arguably the most famous body in the world, and has been a source of controversy–and envy–for years. (Remember when this was all the rage?) But how much does Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery cost? A new report from Kardashian home network E! reveals the eye-popping figure, though it omits a couple of the hidden […]

BALLER WIVES Did Chris Chambers really marry his stalker? Their relationship, explained

Did Chris Chambers really marry his stalker 4

Because Baller Wives Chris and Stacey Chambers’ relationship has a colorful history (to say the least), the pair are often the subject of questions regarding their stalker-y origins. While they have been married for several years and by all accounts seem to be quite happy together, the way they got together still has fans and […]

Listed Sisters family throwback photos are the perfect supplement to the HGTV hit

Listed Sisters ethnicity 1

Listed Sisters is HGTV’s newest Nashville-based hit, though the adjective “sleeper” has never been more appropriate. The show has an 11 PM start time, which makes it the latest show in the network’s regular rotation, and one of the most-dependent upon reruns and block programming throughout the rest of the week. All of which is […]

Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth: How much will The Mooch make post-White House?

Anthony Scaramucci's net worth

Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth was already sky-high, but a new report suggests that the figure could rocket into the stratosphere once The Mooch cashes in on his eleven debacle-laden days in the White House. Scaramucci, who was famously fired before even being sworn in as White House communications director–and who, durng those same eleven days, […]