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Leo's new boo 1

LINKS! Leo’s new boo, Solange deletes Twitter, Taylor Swift too pretty to sketch…

DLISTED Tom Cruise broke his ankle while filming one of his own stunts on the Mission: Impossible 6 set; he blew the stunt, too

REALITY TEA Shannon Beador is opening her own restaurant, which will be lemon-themed and feature in the new season of RHOC


JEZEBEL Solange deleted her Twitter account with a blaze of glory

THE BLEMISH The courtroom sketch artist who raised all manner of hell with his drawings of Taylor Swift says that it’s hard to sketch her well because she’s too pretty and well-proportioned

VOX HBO accidentally aired another Game of Thrones episode ahead of schedule, so now it’s all over the internet

VERY SMART BROTHAS The Apple Watch 2 is “like a really expensive Fitbit that has the potential to kill me way more than I was prepared for (it’s basically Moniece from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood)”

THE SUPERFICIAL Here’s a photo gallery of Lorena Rae, who is probably Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend and also maybe his first non-blonde girlfriend ever?

UPROXX Would-be jurors in the Martin Shkreli trial were dismissed for dragging him all the way to hell and back, and also because he dissed Wu-Tang

LINKS! Donald Trump is to blame, Olivia Munn ass worship, Prince Harry engaged…

A Melania Trump wax figure is displayed at Wax Museum

DLISTED Prince Harry might have just gotten engaged to Meghan Markle

REALITY TEA Eden Sassoon sh!t-talked a whole bunch of the RHOBH cast on Brandi Glanville’s podcast

CELEBITCHY Charlottesville mayor Michael Signer lays the blame for this weekend’s neo-Nazi violence right at Donald Trump’s feet

JEZEBEL Speaking of which, there are a lot more unemployed American Nazis today than there were yesterday

VOX “The Trump Tango is tiresome and pointless”

UPROXX This white supremacist’s father went so far as to disown his son after learning that the son had gone to Charlottesville

VERY SMART BROTHAS White supremacy sure does *seem* like an even bigger crisis than the opioid epidemic

THE BLEMISH On a brighter note, here’s video of two Yankees fans having sex on the subway after a bad loss

CELEBSLAM Olivia Munn’s new gig involves people worshiping her ass, apparently

LINKS! Andy Samberg’s secret baby, Katherine Heigl highly visible, Dick Church leaks…

The 67th Emmy Awards arrivals

DLISTED Andy Samberg and his wife had a baby a little while ago and no one knew it (He? She? Glorious uncertainty!) was coming

REALITY TEA Jason Hopper refused a plea deal in the Bethenny Frankel stalking case

CELEBITCHY The theme of the 2018 Met Gala sounds kind of lame

JEZEBEL Twice a day, the President of the United States is presented with a dossier of positive press clippings and flattering photos of himself

THE BLEMISH The best part about the for-real Dick Church? It’s located in the town of Dixon

VOX Fox is doing a live musical version of A Christmas Story, it will star Maya Rudolph, and now it needs to feature a duet between her and the leg lamp

CELEBSLAM Katherine Heigl is increasing her visibility

THE SUPERFICIAL Here’s a Tereza Jelinkova bikini photo gallery

UPROXX Jeff Bridges is to Iron Man as Billy Dee Williams is to Tim Burton’s Batman

LINKS! Rihanna Crop Over pics, Chloe Ayling kidnapping, Usher’s Herpes Club…

Rihanna Crop Over pics 1

DLISTED Here’s a list of everything NBC is thinking about or actively remaking, including such long-forgotten classics as 30 Rock, The West Wing, and ER

REALITY TEA GG from Shahs of Sunset didn’t really get divorced because she really wants babies

CELEBITCHY Three more people, including one man, are suing Usher because they say he gave them herpes

JEZEBEL These photos of Rihanna at Barbados’ Crop Over Festival are…popular

THE BLEMISH Here’s a lengthy and lucid explanation of the increasingly batsh!t story of British model Chloe Ayling, who was kidnapped by sex traffickers intending to sell her on the Dark Web

VOX This story marks the first time that anyone has ever said “Senator Orrin Hatch” and “shot his wad” in the same sentence

VERY SMART BROTHAS As someone who also works from home, also has a tiny child, and pulls his headphones off of one ear every few minutes to make sure that everyone in the home is still alive, I can heartily concur that the whole thing is that bullsh!t

THE SUPERFICIAL This probably isn’t the first time someone has said “Robert Pattinson” and “jerked off a dog” in the same sentence

UPROXX Professional bartenders reveal the smoothest pickup lines they’ve ever heard

Casey Batchelor beach yoga

LINKS! Angelina under fire, Dukes of Hazzard butt violation, Casey Batchelor beach yoga pics…

DLISTED Here’s another Lena Dunham story where the details might not add up

REALITY TEA Shannon Beador denied that she has Stockholm Syndrome, which is exactly what you would expect someone suffering from Stockholm Syndrome to do

JEZEBEL Vanity Fair released the transcript of the Angelina Jolie interview and it supports all the horrible things the article alleged about her audition process

CELEBITCHY Martin from The Simpsons got together with Pete Campbell’s hairline from Mad Men Season 6, and they named their child Stephen Miller

THE BLEMISH Luke Duke got arrested for fingering a woman’s butt without permission (also cocaine possession)

VOX “This has never been the word of Trump against what [James Comey] has had to say. This is more like the Federal Bureau of Investigation versus Donald Trump.”

VERY SMART BROTHAS This take on day parties manages to be funny and heartwarming *and* inspiring all at once and now I want to have one immediately

THE SUPERFICIAL Here’s Casey Batchelor doing yoga on the beach

UPROXX It’s August: have a “Top Songs of Summer” playlist to disagree with

LINKS! Heather Graham’s bikini bod, Hitler tote bag, Wonder Woman 2…

Heather Graham's bikini bod

DLISTED Daniel Craig is coming back for one more Bond movie and even sounds kind of happy about it

REALITY TEA Kenya Moore paid tribute to her recently deceased grandmother on Instagram

JEZEBEL “The 150 Worst Albums Made By Men”

CELEBITCHY At least one former male Doctor Who is not wild about the first female Doctor Who

THE BLEMISH This “Glitter” / “Hitler” tote bag is The Dress for our time

VOX Here’s the deal with dragons in the Game of Thrones universe

VERY SMART BROTHAS The very hottest of takes on Hazel-E’s continued inclusion in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

CELEBSLAM In “47-year-olds who look amazing in a bikini” news, here’s Heather Graham

UPROXX And here’s the just-announced release date for Wonder Woman 2

LINKS! Taylor Hill butt bruise, Biebs tour canceled, Brosectomy parties…

Taylor Hill's butt bruise

DLISTED Here’s the story of one woman who managed to escape R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult clutches

REALITY TEA Danni Baird from Southern Charm talks marriage, dishes on Kathryn Dennis and Landon Clements

JEZEBEL “Broscectomy parties” are now a thing

CELEBITCHY The next book in the Game of Thrones series has been delayed yet again

THE BLEMISH OJ had to be moved to a “special unit” for his last few weeks in prison because the other inmates want him dead

VOX Enjoy this list of all the big announcements and trailers from Comic-Con 2017

VERY SMART BROTHAS “When The Person Who Convinced You Not To Commit Suicide Commits Suicide”

THE SUPERFICIAL Behold: the mystery of supermodel Taylor Hill’s butt bruise

UPROXX Justin Bieber canceled the remainder of his stadium tour, allegedly because he’s “just over it”

LINKS! Jeana Turner bikini gallery, Clooney does diapers, Cosby goes free…

Jeana Turner bikini gallery

DLISTED The fact that it’s the members of Hanson calling Justin Bieber’s music “chlamydia of the ear” makes the burn that much hotter

REALITY TEA Of course Gizelle is egging on Karen and Charisse’s feud

JEZEBEL Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s glasses remain the smartest thing about him

CELEBITCHY George Clooney plans on getting his hands dirty with the twins, plus other details about how the super-rich do infant care

THE BLEMISH So Bill Cosby is a free man

VOX One reason that actual, really truly fake news is so widespread is that it’s repeated so often people are tricked into believing it

VERY SMART BROTHAS “Facebook Banned Me For Writing ‘N!gger’ In A Piece About Racism, While Messages Calling Me ‘N!gger’ Sit In My Inbox”

THE SUPERFICIAL Here’s Jeana Turner in a bikini and advertising…something