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Jeana Turner bikini gallery

LINKS! Jeana Turner bikini gallery, Clooney does diapers, Cosby goes free…

DLISTED The fact that it’s the members of Hanson calling Justin Bieber’s music “chlamydia of the ear” makes the burn that much hotter

REALITY TEA Of course Gizelle is egging on Karen and Charisse’s feud

JEZEBEL Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s glasses remain the smartest thing about him

CELEBITCHY George Clooney plans on getting his hands dirty with the twins, plus other details about how the super-rich do infant care

THE BLEMISH So Bill Cosby is a free man

VOX One reason that actual, really truly fake news is so widespread is that it’s repeated so often people are tricked into believing it

VERY SMART BROTHAS “Facebook Banned Me For Writing ‘N!gger’ In A Piece About Racism, While Messages Calling Me ‘N!gger’ Sit In My Inbox”

THE SUPERFICIAL Here’s Jeana Turner in a bikini and advertising…something

LINKS! Scalise shooting update, Beyonce TwinWatch, Corinne Olympios speaks…

Scalise shooting update

DLISTED Here’s what Corinne Olympios has to say about the Bachelor In Paradise controversy

REALITY TEA NeNe will be back for RHOA Season 10

JEZEBEL Hold on: Special Counsel Robert Muller is now investigating the President for obstruction of justice

CELEBITCHY Kris Jenner thinks everyone can relate to at least one of the Kardashians (and she’s probably right)

THE BLEMISH “Here’s What Two Years Of Constipated Feces Looks Like”

VOX Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise is in critical condition after being shot while practicing with his congressional baseball team; here’s the latest

VERY SMART BROTHAS Speaking of relating to the Kardashians, this explanation of culture vulturism includes the receipts from Kylie Jenner’s most recent fashion theft

THE SUPERFICIAL The Beyonce TwinWatch has entered its second day

UPROXX Katy Perry’s new album: Swing and a miss, or another hit?

LINKS! CJ Franco bikini pics, ScarJost still a thing, Bieber target practice…

CJ Franco bikini pics

DLISTEDJustin Bieber is ducking glass projectiles onstage again

REALITY TEA The Vanderpump Rules cast reunited at LA Pride 2017, here are some pics

JEZEBELIn honor of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, enjoy this photo gallery of San Francisco overrun by beautiful, unshorn hippies

CELEBITCHYMegyn Kelly is getting dragged for giving an hour of primetime television over to Alex “Not A Performance Artist” Jones

THE BLEMISHTwo of the Golden State Warriors already announced they’re skipping the White House visit and the rest of the team may follow suit

THE SUPERFICIALIt’s CJ Franco doing what Sports Illustrated bikini models do

UPROXXThis story about Lorde probably having a secret Instagram account where she reviewed onion rings is ridiculous and great

LAINEY GOSSIPI prefer “ColJoha” because it sounds like the despotic villain in an 80s action movie, but “ScarJost” works as well

LINKS! Katy Perry’s naked livestream, Jessica Chastain wedding pics, Cosby’s defense rests…

Katy Perry's naked livestream

DLISTED Kevin Spacey’s jokes about not coming out of the closet at the Tonys were almost as tired as his Carson and Clinton impersonations

REALITY TEA Gizelle Bryant is glad she and Monique Samuels shared a Bermudan sailing experience

JEZEBEL Bill Cosby’s legal defense team went with some tried-and-true defamatory standards before resting

CELEBITCHY Donald Trump won’t go to Britain until everyone there likes him

THE BLEMISH Jerry Seinfeld’s anti-Kardashian rant is a little “old-man-yelling-at-kids-from-his-porch” and a lot late

VOX Here’s why the critics of Shakespeare In The Park’s staging of Julius Caesar missed the many points (plus an explanation of SITP’s interesting history)

CELEBSLAM Katy Perry’s livestream now features nudity

UPROXX Alison Brie and the creator of Glow explain about how they turned 80s wrestling into compelling TV drama

LAINEY GOSSIP Jessica Chastain married into an Italian prosecco fortune over the weekend, here are some pictures

Selena Gomez's nipples

LINKS! Selena Gomez’s nipples, Tom Cruise at the Mummy premiere, OITNB spoilers…

DLISTED Inara from Firefly married James Gordon from Gotham, congrats to them!

REALITY TEA Tinsley Mortiner had a super chill vacation in Mexico and the pictures will make you super jealous

JEZEBEL The teacher who gave out the “Most Likely To Become A Terrorist” award just won Least Likely To Be Re-Employed As A Teacher Anytime Soon

CELEBITCHY On the eve of James Comey’s republic-crumbling Senate testimony, enjoy these photographs of Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau having a good time at dinner together

THE BLEMISH Is this man a hero or a fool for drunkenly confronting the London attackers last weekend?

VOX “Normal New York City conversation” is the new “locker room talk”

LAINEY GOSSIP Tom Cruise should have starred in a Dorian Gray remake

THE SUPERFICIAL Selena Gomez’s nipples were at full strength during her date last night

UPROXX This review of Orange Is The New Black Season 5 is thorough and contains spoilers, so tread lightly

LINKS! Reality Winner leaks, Bethenny Frankel got naked, George & Amal’s twins…

Reality Winner leaks

DLISTED “Why even bother going on with the 2017 CFDA Awards when it was already shut down by an exquisite bejeweled pink ostrich?”

REALITY TEA Lala Kent has been dropping tons of rumors about rejoining the Vanderpump Rules cast

JEZEBEL No, it is altogether unsurprising that the Trump family pocketed donations intended for a pediatric cancer center; why do you ask

CELEBITCHY Congrats to George and Amal Clooney, who are now the proud parents of the future Most Beautiful People in the World

THE BLEMISH Kind of hard to believe that Reality Winner still only has 619 Instagram followers, but then very little about this crazy mixed-up world of ours makes any sense anymore

VOX Here’s a helpful primer on the Russian election hacking allegations…

CELEBSLAM …and here’s the time that Bethenny Frankel got naked on Snapchat

THE SUPERFICIAL Gwyneth Paltrow only recommends that you put crystals into your vagina–she doesn’t actually do it herself

UPROXX James Corden paid beautiful tribute to his hometown of London in the wake of the terror attacks

LINKS! Halle Berry pregnancy surprise, Arianny Celeste’s bikini bod, Better Call Saul ending…

Arianny Celeste's bikini bod 1

DLISTED Halle Berry wants you to know that the whole pregnancy confirmation was just a full tummy

REALITY TEA Rich and Kathy Wakile went on a food research trip to Italy for their restaurant and now I need more pasta in my life

JEZEBEL Bill Cosby showed up for the first day of his trial on Rudy Huxtable’s arm

CELEBITCHY The Muslim ban’s worst enemy is the president

THE BLEMISH Ashley Graham won’t do nude shoots because she was accosted on set at age 17

VOX Here’s a helpful list of all the different ways to watch former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony on Thursday

VERY SMART BROTHAS Did something happen with Bill Maher over the weekend?

THE SUPERFICIAL And here’s Arianny Celeste rocking her bikini bod over the weekend

UPROXX The end is (kind of) near for Better Call Saul

LINKS! ‘Covfefe’ was a typo, Claudia Romani bikini photos, Kathy Griffin’s protest art…

Claudia Romani bikini photos

DLISTED Dani Mathers claims she’s had to go into hiding since her body shaming trial

REALITY TEA Bethenny Frankel is planning her very own “Summer of George”

JEZEBEL Most of the millions of Twitter followers that celebrities have appear to be fake–like, for example, 67 million of Katy Perry’s

CELEBITCHY “Covfefe” was a typo…or was it? (Yes, it was)

THE BLEMISH The Legends Football League lets players celebrate touchdowns by motorboating fans; here’s some video

VOX And here’s a primer on political protest art, in case you wanted to know more about the Kathy Griffin kerfuffle

CELEBSLAM And here’s that gallery of January Jones swimsuit photos you’ve been looking for

THE SUPERFICIAL Have some Claudia Romani bikini photos for good measure

LAINEY GOSSIP Robin Wright and Sean Penn might be back together, though not for the reasons you might expect