Curse of Oak Island

REPORT Curse of Oak Island renewed for Season 5

Curse of Oak Island renewed 3

Treasure hunters and Lagina haters both have something to look forward to next year with Curse of Oak Island renewed for its fifth season. That’s according to a new report from RenewCancelTV, which broke the news shortly before the show aired its “Drilling Down” postmortem on Season 4 last night. RELATED: Curse of Oak Island […]

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‘Earth-shattering’ Curse of Oak Island update ramps up the drama as season finale nears

It’s the most common question from fans and detractors alike: Did Curse of Oak Island find anything? And, now that the latest season is coming to a close, speculation about whether Rick and Marty will, at long last, encounter the treasure they’ve spent years digging toward is at an all-time high. Read on for the latest details on their chase…

Curse of Oak Island spoilers: FDR becomes major player in treasure hunt’s latest twist

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We’re getting well into the latest season of the show, and possible Curse of Oak Island spoilers abound, so make sure you read with caution. Next up for the Lagina Brothers is a find that might result in a bevy of new leads–among them fresh connections with a former US president?! Read on to see what could be going down…

Curse of Oak Island update: Time running out for Rick and Marty Lagina as the show revisits their roots

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The latest Curse of Oak Island update comes just as History is set to debut the especially high-tension Season 4 for the show. It looks like the passage of time is starting to weigh heavily on both Rick and Marty’s minds, as they look back to their treasure hunting roots and we’re reminded of the time limit Marty originally put on he and hs brother’s quest….

Curse of Oak Island Season 4 promises to finish off treasure hunt once and for all

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Curse of Oak Island Season 4 is here–and this time Rick and Marty Lagina claim they’re closer to the island’s elusive treasure than ever before. Indeed, Rick calls his eight years on Oak Island a “roller coaster ride,” and long-time viewers of his show would have to agree. But what makes the brothers so confident that Season 4 will be the one where they finally hit paydirt? Read on for the latest!