Elone: German Woman Uses Period Pads, Social Media To Spread Feminist Message

PHOTOS Woman uses feminist period pads to spread anti-rape message

Her name is Elonë and she says her message is simple: “Feminism is equality, not men hate.” Of course, this being the Internet and all, not everyone is down for feminist positivity and shaming rape apologists by sticking sanitary napkins with message taped to them all over the city. (She is basically using maxi pads to tweet IRL, you guys. She also employs slightly more conventional social media tactics, which are clearly working.) See pics of the now-viral feminist period pads and meet Elonë here…

VIDEO Jodi Arias trial: Sentencing phase ends in second hung jury

Jodi Arias Trial Ends In Second Hung Jury (March 5, 2015)

The Jodi Arias trial concluded its sentencing phase Thursday with a second Arizona jury unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the case, meaning Arias will completely avoid the death penalty. On March 5, 2015, Judge Sherry Stephens again declared a mistrial in the capital case due to a hung jury. Several jurors gave an audio-only group interview immediately following the mistrial announcement. In the media pool interview, they anonymously reveal what really went on in that deliberation room. Read more here now…