9/11 hero’s husband returns ‘Woman of the Year’ award to Glamour because Caitlyn Jenner also got one


Moira Smith was a 9/11 first-responder who rescued more than 100 people from the Twin Towers before the second buiding collapsed and killed her. She was given one of Glamour magazine’s “Woman of the Year” awards for 2001…but, now, her husband has returned Glamour‘s award, and done so with fervor. Why? According to James Smith’s open letter, he is offended by the magazine’s decision to grant Caitlyn Jenner the same award for 2015. Read on for Smith’s full statement, plus Glamour‘s reaction.

Anonymous KKK list update: Hacktivist group denies initial list, says official release is forthcoming

Anonymous KKK list update 2

In the latest Anonymous KKK list update, the group has distanced itself from yesterday’s release of a list of prominent politicians who are also members of the famed group. According to Anonymous–which is decentralized, and has no single leader making its decisions–yesterday’s list was unintentional, and not necessarily part of what will be the official release on Thursday, November 5th.

Anonymous KKK list 3

REPORT Anonymous KKK list: Hacker group releases names of alleged members, including US Senators, mayors

Today, the hacker collective known as Anonymous made good on its promise to release the names of alleged KKK members. In a shock to the political establishment, the list includes many prominent politicians, including several United States Senators, and mayors of large cities. Read on to see a sampling of the Anonymous KKK list, and to see reactions from the accused.

PHOTOS Kylie Jenner under fire for ‘insensitive’ Eskimo Halloween costume: Good idea, or bad idea?


These days, it seems controversy follows Kylie Jenner wherever she goes. The latest trouble? This year’s first Kylie Jenner Halloween costume–which critics of the 18-year-old’s behavior say is both culturally insensitive and in poor taste. What did Kylie wear, and what’s the big deal? Read on for all the details.

PHOTO Nicki Minaj responds to Bill Cosby Halloween costume controversy

Bill Cosby Halloween costume controversy 1

It might be November, but the Bill Cosby Halloween costume controversy continues to captivate onlookers. Nicki Minaj waded into the ongoing #PillCosby debate with a Halloween Instagram post in which she appeared to take defenders to task. But is the issue that simple? Read on to see what she said–and to see what you think about #PillCosby!

Critics slam Time for naming Kylie Jenner one of its ’30 Most Influential Teens’: Good idea, or too much?

Kylie Jenner most influential 1

Time’s annual “Most Influential Teens” issue has rankled feathers once again, and the same people who objected to a “Kylie Jenner most influential” award in 2014 remain against it now. For the second consecutive year, Time named Kylie to its list of 30 teens–which irks critics, who say that the 18-year-old is influential for the wrong reasons. What does Kylie have to say about all this? Read on…to find out.