YouTube drama

Angry Grandpa is in the hospital, has cirrhosis

All the stress from the Charlie Chill situation has landed Angry Grandpa in the hospital. Earlier this year the family vlogged AG as he underwent treatment for malignant skin cancer, something he’s still going through. This recent family drama may have triggered further health complications. He’s currently in the hospital receiving treatment for fluid retention […]

DaddyOFive is coming back to YouTube: MommyOFive gives video update on the family

This past April a scandal erupted over the “prank” videos on the channels DaddyOFive and MommyOFive (Mike and Heather Martin) that showed was appeared to be severe emotional child abuse. The YouTubecommunity sparked outrage over the situation and even helped raised money for the young two kids’ mother Rose to get custody awarded back to her. The oldest three boys are Heather’s children and are still in the home. For a while it was unclear if the family would ever make videos again, and if they were going to lose custody of the other three children. Heather uploaded a video late Sunday evening announcing that the family’s videos were coming back.

Charlie Chill apology update: Family cuts him off as molestation accusations fly

Charlie “Chill” Green, brother of KidBehindaCamera and son of AngryGrandpa on YouTube, freaked out Thursday night and went on a rampage during a booze and drugs bender. He destroyed his belongings, almost burned his finger off, posted porn to his YouTube channel, and allegedly assaulted his brother’s girlfriend Bridgette West.

In the ensuing days he posted a couple of apology videos on his channel, but the drama continued. His family temporarily forgave him and offered him some financial assistance while he sorted his life out, even promising to drop charges, but Charlie’s antics on Facebook brought a whole other host of issues to light that led the family to sever ties completely.



Kim Kardashian contour stick collection sold out immediately, but are YouTube beauty vloggers impressed?

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty line launch of her $48 crème contour kits (it’s honestly a bit surprising she didn’t name them “Krème Kontour Kits,” although that might have been a little too close to Krispy Kreme) sold out pretty much immediately, but are they worth trying?

Attempted gun stunt for YouTube fame ends in death: Pregnant girlfriend shoots her boyfriend in front of their 3-year-old

Monday night (June 26) 19-year-old Monalisa Perez, a small YouTube vlogger, fatally shot her boyfriend, 22-year-old Pedro Ruiz III, during a stunt for their channel at their home in Halstad, Minnesota. According to family members Monalisa was pregnant with their child, and their 3-year-old daughter was present for the devastating event.

VIDEOS YouTube pranksters DO5 and MO5 lose custody of two kids

Two parents who received backlash over videos they posted to their popular YouTube channels featuring vicious pranks against their own children have temporarily lost custody of two kids. Michael and Heather Martin received hundreds of thousands of views for the videos posted to their YouTube channels “DaddyOFive” and “MommyOFive.” But things came undone quickly after […]