YouTube drama

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Nikocado Avocado got bit by his pet sloth

Life has been incredibly dramatic lately for popular YouTube mukbanger Nikocado Avocado. About two months ago he and partner Orlin introduced a baby sloth from Florida into their home menagerie in Colombia. They then went on a six-week honeymoon to Thailand. After they returned home Nikocado uploaded a crying meltdown over hate comments. This breakdown was soon overshadowed by a new crisis: the next day his pet sloth Kiwi bit his finger really hard while he was feeding her a flower. The bite pierced deep into his skin and even fracturing his nail.

Trisha Paytas reveals she used to be a YouTube feedee, got paid $10k+ to eat on camera

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Trisha Paytas revealed on a YouNow livestream with The Vegan Cheetah that she used to be a feeder on YouTube. Trish says people in Dubai have given her up to $10,000 to eat a bucket of KFC chicken. Now, however, the popular mukbanger says she just eats on camera for YouTube views and is no longer paid directly. She does reveal that other YouTube stars have also been offered money to eat on camera, and some rising mukbang stars may be doing similar things, especially former vegans.

Trisha Paytas updates from the kitchen floor: my boyfriend isn’t real

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Trisha Paytas makes a living on YouTube via mukbangs of delicious foods, titillating story times about her past and present hookups and personal drama, sponsored try-ons, surprisingly catchy and well-produced pop songs, and her infamous “crying and/or drunk on the kitchen floor videos.” Her online persona appears to be a ramped up version of her real self. Part of what she’s doing is kind of hamming up to get maximum attention and reactions, but most of what she goes through seems to be patricianly real, just enhanced. Kind of like her surgically altered body. In the latest installment of a “kitchen floor” video Trisha drinks Bud Light out of a vintage champagne glass and laments the foils of falling in love with fictional characters. While she’s amping up the “train wreck” factor, as always, she’s also presenting something that’s relatable to many people.

Elijah and Christine going on Maury Povich to prove they’re really engaged

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Comedy duo and YOLO lifestyle vloggers Christine Sydelko and Elijah Daniel have been engaged for several months now. They promised to get married if they reached 1 million subscribers on their main YouTubechannel by June, a goal they did not meet, but they still plan to legally wed when that milestone happens. While is seems like this is an attention stunt, it also appears like they truly mean to get married despite the fact that Elijah is gay and Christine is asexual. Even though they don’t have a sexual connection, they are life partners in many other ways and plan to go on Maury Povich to prove their undying love for each other.

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Police Report: DaddyOFive allegedly threatened Emma and Cody’s mom Rose Hall and family

DaddyOFive and MommyOFive returned to YouTube almost two weeks ago, but new records reveal that their return to vlogging coincides with a violation of a protective order and multiple threats on the live of his ex-wife Rose Hall and her family. Rose Hall is the mother of DaddyOFive Mike Martin’s two younger children Emma and Cody, who bore the brunt of the physical and emotional abuse during their infamous prank videos. She received custody of the two kids a few months ago after news of the the channel’s antics became known on a broader scale in the media.

Angry Grandpa is in the hospital, has cirrhosis

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All the stress from the Charlie Chill situation has landed Angry Grandpa in the hospital. Earlier this year the family vlogged AG as he underwent treatment for malignant skin cancer, something he’s still going through. This recent family drama may have triggered further health complications. He’s currently in the hospital receiving treatment for fluid retention […]

DaddyOFive is coming back to YouTube: MommyOFive gives video update on the family

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This past April a scandal erupted over the “prank” videos on the channels DaddyOFive and MommyOFive (Mike and Heather Martin) that showed was appeared to be severe emotional child abuse. The YouTubecommunity sparked outrage over the situation and even helped raised money for the young two kids’ mother Rose to get custody awarded back to her. The oldest three boys are Heather’s children and are still in the home. For a while it was unclear if the family would ever make videos again, and if they were going to lose custody of the other three children. Heather uploaded a video late Sunday evening announcing that the family’s videos were coming back.

Charlie Chill apology update: Family cuts him off as molestation accusations fly

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Charlie “Chill” Green, brother of KidBehindaCamera and son of AngryGrandpa on YouTube, freaked out Thursday night and went on a rampage during a booze and drugs bender. He destroyed his belongings, almost burned his finger off, posted porn to his YouTube channel, and allegedly assaulted his brother’s girlfriend Bridgette West.

In the ensuing days he posted a couple of apology videos on his channel, but the drama continued. His family temporarily forgave him and offered him some financial assistance while he sorted his life out, even promising to drop charges, but Charlie’s antics on Facebook brought a whole other host of issues to light that led the family to sever ties completely.