Willie Edwards

Swamp People Season 4 Alligator Price Chart


The alligator market fluctuates every year, and so do the fortunes of the hunters who rely on selling wild alligators to make their living. The market hit a high $40/f ft. rate for gators in the late 80’s and dipped to an unsustainable $13/ ft. for the same size gator in 2010, but things have been getting slowly better. Read on to see how the market was for alligators this year.

PHOTOS Swamp People – Where is the quarter-sized kill spot on an alligator?


If you’re a big fan of The History Channel’s blockbuster reality series Swamp People then you’ve probably heard the alligator hunters referencing a “quarter-sized kill spot” on the top of a gator’s head, which is where you have to shoot it to guarantee a quick kill. And, if you’re like me, then you’ve probably wondered where that “kill spot” is. (Who knows, we just might bump into a gator on our way to work next week, right?) Keep reading for illustrations that should help clarify so you can become a real deal alligator killer seem even more manly while talking around the water cooler at the office.

BIO Swamp People Fathers and Sons: Junior and Willie Edwards


Father and son, Junior and Willie Edwards start this year’s alligator season hunting together, but only a few episodes into the season, we see Willie is striking out on his own a bit.  Do you reckon that could have anything to do with Junior accidentally shooting him? Nah. Keep reading to find out more about this Lousiana father/son duo that includes the only cast member on Swamp People that makes a living year-round reeling things in from the water.