Will Smith

POSTER Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing”


Jimmy Fallon hit the floor dancing last night for his debut as the host of The Tonight Show on NBC. He brought some serious star power along for the ride, but it was the hilariously entertaining “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance” skit performed with Will Smith that won the night. See the really fun performance and then check out our “Off the Wall” inspired full-page poster featuring all of the dance moves from the clip!

Jaden Smith wants emancipation while Willow Smith prepares for a comeback


It seems like kids are growing up faster these days. For Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s two children it’s like they’re in overdrive. Read on for 14-year-old Jaden’s wish for legal emancipation and 12-year-old Willow’s plans at a comeback plus Will Smith’s interesting comments on he and Jada’s hands off approach to parenting.

Why Will Smith doesn’t “punish” his kids


Raising children can be a fearsome task, and every parent has their own philosophy about how to go about it the right way. Actor Will Smith recently revealed his views on parenting children involves letting them be as autonomous as possible as soon as possible, and avoiding “punishing” them because of the negatively involed.

What do you think of Will’s parenting style?