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Daughter addiction: Disney announces Sofia the First series premiere date


Over 5.2 million people tuned in to watch the premiere showing of Sofia the First the movie on Disney. Now there will be a series that follows Sofia’s adventures in Enchancia… As a dad of daughter royalty myself I figured I’d give all you princess parents a heads up as to when the latest Disney daughter addiction will be premiering. Also, find out where you can score some Sofia merchandise in time for Christmas.

VIDEO Project Runway’s Tim Gunn: “I haven’t had sex in 29 years”


Project Runway’s Tim Gunn is arguably the most likable star in the history of reality television. If you had a poll I bet he’d win and part of what fires the adoration from his fans is how real he comes across and how candid he often is. Gunn was that and more when he revealed that it has been almost 3 decades since he has had sex. See the clip in which Tim emotionally reveals this very personal and private detail and explains the reasons why he’s had such a long dry spell.

VIDEO – Tim Gunn opens up about teenage suicide attempt for “It Gets Better” Trevor Project movement


Today is National Coming Out Day for the LGBT community. This is a great opportunity celebrate being out and proud, or proud of those who are out. But its also a great time to get involved with The Trevor Project: a wonderful anonymous support system for LGBT and questioning youth who are not able to […]

VIDEO Tim Gunn unleashes on Project Runway producers over Jackie O challenge

Project Runway Mondo's winning design from the Jackie O challenge

Watch Tim Gunn’s most recent video blog post in which he rails on Project Runway producers and their behind-the-scenes handling of last week’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis challenge! In clip Tim reveals he was so frustrated that – for the first time ever – he interrupted the judges’ circle! (The vlog has since been deleted, but you can watch it here!)

Tim Gunn explains origins of catchphrase “Make It Work”


Every fan of Lifetime’s multiple-Emmy-nominated reality competition series Project Runway is familiar with endearingly suave mentor Tim Gunn’s catchphrase, “Make It Work.” Keep reading for the story of the first time Tim used the phrase and find out whether or not it has been overused to the point where we shouldn’t expect to hear it during the upcoming 8th season!

Tim Gunn on Project Runway Season 8: fragile contestants and crack-smoking judges!


Season 8 of Lifetime’s (previously Bravo’s) Project Runway kicks off at a new time 9 p.m. EST Thursday, July 29 with a new 90-minute time-slot, and according to the fabulous Tim Gunn it’s gonna be an emotionally wild ride. Find out what else the fashion spirit guide had to say about the upcoming season and the show’s new extended hour-and-a-half format!

Who is Bravo’s ‘Work of Art’ mentor Simon de Pury?


Bravo kicks off its Project Runway inspired fine art reality competition show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist June 9th, featuring 14 aspiring visual artists competing for $200,000 and a show at the Brooklyn Museum. The announcement has sparked a good deal of debate about whether or not a Project Runway type format can work when trying to measure the talents of visual artists trained in different media against one another, but that debate pales in comparison to the more important question:

Who did they get to be their Tim Gunn?!?

The answer: Simon de Pury. Keep reading to find out more about this charismatic gavel guru of the art world including photos, video and brief bio. Will he be able to “Make it Work?”