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Teresa Giudice Catch Up Bravo Special

VIDEO Joe Giudice struggles to adjust to single fatherhood in first ‘Catch Up With the Giudice Family’ preview

Real Housewives of New Jersey may be on a hiatus until Teresa Giudice is released from prison next year, but that doesn’t mean her family is staying off TV that long….In a new multi-part special, we’ll get a look at what the Giudice and Gorga families have been up to since Teresa Giudice went to prison at the beginning of the year.

Teresa Giudice speaks! The RHONJ star tweets her first message from behind bars


It’s been a loooong time since we’ve heard from Teresa Giudice. The reality TV star, entrepreneur, and mom of four was a constant fixture on social media before going to prison earlier this year. Not surprisingly, the only communication we’ve gotten from Teresa has been through her family or attorney. Even though we got a chance to see how Teresa looks behind bars, we haven’t heard from her… until now! See what she had to say from behind bars.

Teresa Giudice magazine covers about prison

Teresa Giudice’s lawyer clears up rumors about release date, foreclosure, divorce…

It’s been four months since The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice began her 15-month prison sentence for fraud, and since that time the media has been more active than usual with their “inside scoops” on all that was going on with Teresa and her family. Among the rumors are reports that Teresa had met with a divorce attorney, she’s been alienating fellow inmates with her diva behavior, she’s getting out of prison early, her mansion is in foreclosure, and she is (and isn’t) coming back to RHONJ. Teresa’s attorney has apparently had enough and finally addressing all of these rumors and more!

Joe Giudice lost his license and got fined $10,000 in court case involving driver’s license fraud


Yesterday, Joe was in court once again as a follow-up to pleading guilty to driver’s license fraud when he attempted to obtain a new license with his brother’s information. The judge wasn’t shy about his disapproval of Joe’s apparent lack of respect for the legal system and showed no mercy. Read on to find out what the Judge said about Joe’s horrible driving record!